New Blog Feature: Separate Coffee Roaster Profile Posts

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Dear readers, it struck me this morning that there might be a better way to highlight the roasters who are being reviewed on KC Coffee Geek. To date, I usually talk a lot about the roaster along with the first review of their coffee that they do, but most roasters send multiple coffees to be featured on the site. That means having to point readers back to a different review and parse out the review from the roaster’s story and that is probably a bit on the clunky side for you.

So, I’m piloting a new way of doing this and instead of rolling the roaster’s information into the first review, I’m simply going to feature everything about the roaster in a separate post, and then link to that post in each review. The end result will be a more focused story on the roaster and their business as well as reviews that are more concise and easier to read, too. The plan is to try this out through the rest of summer and if you have an opinion one way or another make sure you comment on the blog or Instagram, or send an email, or whatever it takes!

Keep on geekin’ on!

Steve “KC Coffee Geek” Agocs

2 Responses

  1. Sebastian S

    Sounds great!! Thanks for thinking of this!

    • KCcoffeegeek

      Thanks, Sebastian! Hopefully it’ll accomplish what I’m hoping it will!