A Few Coffees Revisited

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It’s always nice to update some coffee reviews, so I try to do that once in a while when I feel like there is new information to post….

  • Coffee Board of India Plantation A – After I posted the review the representative of the roasting company told me that this coffee is roasted to be on the darker side because “no one in India drinks coffee without adding milk and sugar and light roasted coffees don’t hold up as well.” For the record, I didn’t find the Plantation A to be too dark, but it was certainly a little muted because of the roasting profile. He said they also roast lighter coffees for export. Based on his advice I made a cup in my AeroPress and added a shot of whole milk and a spoonful of organic coconut sugar and, as you’d expect, it was phenomenal! On the one hand, what coffee ISN’T great with milk and sugar?!?! But on the other hand, if they roast it to that profile specifically because that’s how their market drinks their coffee, then I think it’s reasonable to review it the way it’s intended to be drunk. In my review even before I heard back from the roaster I even mentioned how I thought this would make a good milk and sugar coffee!
  • Oddly Correct Stranger Danger Seasonal Espresso – Still working through this bag about three weeks after it was roasted and it’s still great! That crazy tobacco flavor I mentioned being SO strong when it was fresh is mostly gone now but overall the espresso is nice and sweet and I think has actually improved since it cleared the two-week old mark. It was excellent to begin with but I think it has mellowed and lost a little of its edge and it’s just fantastic to drink now, too!
  • Metric Coffee Co. Nyeri Kiamabara (Kenya) – This coffee is old enough to qualify for Medicare now and it’s still holding up GREAT! I made an AeroPress of it yesterday and was surprised to find all its acidity still intact. This is well over a month old and still holding up very well.