A Quick Word on Product & Coffee Reviews

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Friends and readers, a quick note about product and coffee reviews… To date (10-20-2014), everything that has been reviewed or mentioned on KCcoffeegeek and our social media channels (@kccoffeegeek on Twitter and Instagram) has been purchased at full price by KCcoffeegeek. No freebies at any café and we don’t make a big deal about even being at a place so we don’t get treated any differently than anyone else would.

We think it’s important, REALLY important, that you, the reader, know when this is not the case. We have some coffees on the way that we didn’t pay for and one or two companies have asked us if we’re interested in reviewing some products. When this happens, you’ll know right at the beginning of the post because the disclosure will be right at the top where it belongs. Keep in mind, too, that you will not likely read a bad review about a drink or a product that was given to KCcoffeegeek. If someone sends us/gives us something that sucks, we’ll let them know but we’ll also save them the insult and embarrassment of a public bashing. That only seems fair, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, if we spend hard-earned $$ on something that doesn’t perform, you will hear all about it. That’s only fair, too. The good news is, the level of coffee and coffee-related products at in the specialty coffee market seems pretty dang high, so don’t expect a lot of “I didn’t taste ENOUGH blueberries in this Ethiopian coffee, remove it from my sight!!!” posts here.