What I’m Roasting Now – SM Ethiopia Anfilo-Shebele Fana Co-Op

Sweet Maria's Anfilo Shebele FanaIt’s a gorgeous, crisp Autumn morning this Sunday (10/26/14) and I’m just about out of coffee, so I thought a short home-roasting session was in order. The first bag to catch my eye was Sweet Maria’s Anfilo-Shebele Fana Cooperative, from Ethiopia. It’s a wet-processed coffee that I bought just a couple pounds of earlier this year.

It’s getting cool enough that I need to move my “roasting operation” into the garage. Hopefully I’ll be able to roast through the winter in the garage like I did this past winter! Considering all my operation consists of is a popcorn popper, strainer, and an old rickety ladder to set them on, I think the move will be pretty easy to do. 🙂 Enjoy the photo of the KC Coffee Geek roastery, below!

roasting operation

2 Responses

  1. Anthony Beckman

    Hi! Just wondering if you have updated your home roastery? Would love to hear some discussion about your own roasting experiences.

    • KCcoffeegeek

      I picked up a Behmor 1600 last year, but the “problem” is I have so much coffee incoming from roasters to review it’s hard to justify roasting.