Argyle Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Gedeb Natural

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Argyle Yirg natural

A fellow coffee nut and reader, Andrew Giambarba, recently noted that most of my coffee exploration of Florida has come from the northern part of the state, so he felt like there was a void that needed to be filled and he graciously sent a TON of coffee for me to check out! Andrew has a nice coffee website, himself, and is really into the southern Florida scene. Check it out and swing back to today’s review, a natural Ethiopian from Argyle Coffee Roasters in Miami!

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Argyle Coffee Roasters got their start in Miami, FL in the summer of 2014. Owner and roaster, Manny Carrera, was born in Costa Rica and was inspired by his country’s coffee, southern Florida mainstays, Panther Coffee, and the relative dearth of specialty coffee in southern Florida’s Cuban-coffee focused market. Primarily a wholesaler, Argyle Coffee Roasters also do public cuppings and workshops to get the word out. This morning’s coffee is their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb, a natural coffee grown in the 1770-2000masl range in the highlands near the birthplace of coffee! Argyle gives us tasting notes of “ripe blueberry, white tea, delicate clean finish.” Special thanks to southern Florida coffee geek, Andrew Giambarba, for the hook-up!

I used my usual 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNeutral Gino pourover with Kalita filters. The aroma from the cup was fruity and reminded me of blackberries and maybe freshly picked raspberries. In the flavor I was getting a mix of those, too, which I loved. I got some little hints of blueberry out of this cup, but not much. The blackberry and raspberry notes were delicious and they were accompanied by both berry sweetness as well as a little tartness, which worked great in this coffee. I found some lemon acidity that kept the cup bright, yet also balanced, and there was little ferment, keeping this selection clean and light. The aftertaste was pretty light and short, mainly of berries. Did I mention that I found berries in this cup?! LOL

I really enjoyed this coffee. It was balanced and sweet, yet bright and almost a little tangy. The blackberry and raspberry notes were killer and were almost a sad nod to the end of summer, in a way. The body and mouthfeel were light and this was an easy drinker. A great introduction to Argyle Coffee Roasters and southern Florida’s coffee scene! Thanks, Andrew!