BeanFruit Coffee Co. Aromas del Sur

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BeanFruit Aromas del Sur

It looks like this week I may be specializing in coffees that are no longer available! It’s a good problem for roasters to have, but I hate writing tantalizing reviews for you dear readers when you can’t get the goods! It happens, but as always, this is a coffee worth writing about even if you can’t get a hold of it anymore…. it’s BeanFruit Coffee Co.’s Aromas del Sur from Colombia and it is was tasty!

BeanFruit are one of my favorite roasters. Every bean they touch turns to liquid gold in the cup and they really are masters of the craft. Jackson, Mississippi is lucky to have such a great roaster and cafe in their town, I can assure you.

This Colombian coffee comes from Palestina in the Huila district. Aromas del Sur is a co-op of 73 small farmers with an average farm size of about six hectares. This is a washed coffee, Caturra varietal, and it is grown in the 1400-1900masl range. BeanFruit offer tasting notes of, “red grape, nougat, lingering citric finish.”

Using my trusty 1:16 ratio in the notNeutral Gino pourover with Kalita 185 filters, this coffee was bangin’! Talking generally about “Colombian coffee” is hard to do, considering the microclimate situation that gives practically each farm its own growing environment, not to mention each region. It’d be like trying to describe American BBQ without acknowledging that KC, Texas, the Carolinas, etc all have their own methods.

In any case, what a coffee! It has a solid medium body with a juicy feel on the tongue and cheeks. It’s super sweet with a caramel and honey sweetness, but it also have a soft orange, tangerine/clementine type of citric acidity to brighten it. This orange flavor carries through to the finish and long into the aftertaste and it’s beautiful… bright without being edgy or harsh at all. In the mid-sip if you churn up the coffee a bit in your mouth and get some exhalation going (what’s called retronasal tasting) there is a nice, dry nuttiness to this coffee, too. Maybe something pecan-ish. The finish is dry on this coffee and it invites sip after sip until you realize you’ve downed this coffee and are ready for another cup!