BeanFruit Coffee Co. Ethiopia Sidama Guji

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BeanFruit Sidama Guji

Listen up, coffee gangsters, it’s the return of perennial favorites, BeanFruit Coffee Company out of Jackson, Mississippi! I will not hide the fact that I think Paul Bonds, founder and roaster at BeanFruit, is the King Midas of coffee and that every bean he touches turns to gold! Watch their video below and I think you’ll fall in love with BeanFruit Coffee Co., too. BeanFruit is high on my “buy with utmost confidence” list! Let’s check out their current washed Ethiopian and see what magic Paul has worked on these heirloom beans! The review follows right below the video. And, as always, check out the links:

BeanFruit Coffee Co. website

Buy this coffee direct for $15.25/12oz bag!


Nice video, right? Now, let’s check out this coffee! This is a washed coffee comprised of Ethiopian heirloom varietals (thousands of heirloom varietals grow naturally throughout Ethiopia…) grown in the 1900-2000masl range. This particular coffee comes from around Guji in the southern Ethiopian “region” of Sidamo. BeanFruit tells us to expect, “juicy, tangerine, caramel” in a clean cup.

This coffee reads “classic washed Ethiopian” all over it, to my palate, but it also has a little more assertiveness than some tend to have. As always, I used my 1:16 ratio (28g coffee, 450g water) in the notNeutral Gino pourover with Kalita 185 filters to make my cups. Prepared this way, the cup had a nice sweet aroma that actually struck me as “Kenyan?” when I took my first big inhale. It’s sweet and sort of chocolatey and the aroma is very inviting of things to come.

The first thing to hit my tongue from this coffee is a sweet lemon candy acidity. It really covers my whole tongue and it’s bright but also sweet. This is not a cup anyone would call “sour,” in my opinion. That is SO delicious. That sweet lemon candy note carries back to the back of the tongue and into the throat as it turns sweet, sweeter and sweetest! There is a sugary, syrupy vibe to this cup but it’s beautifully balanced by that lemony acidity, too, so it stops just shy of being cloying. I was getting a tad of savory in the later part of the sip. Coupled with the sweetness and the acidity it was giving me a bit of a tomato “feel” but not really and tomato flavors (which I have found, mostly in Kenyan coffees, in the past). The finish on this coffee is pretty neutral, may just a bit on the sweet side of that, and for as assertive as the flavors are, the aftertaste drops off quite quickly and leaves me wanting to get another sip in. This was a fast drinker, for me, because of that! This is a nice, clean cup, too, and, man, just as enjoyable of a washed Ethiopian coffee as I could possibly ask for! Even about 2.5 weeks off-roast this coffee is just perfect for me. King Midas/Paul Bonds does it again!