BeanFruit Coffee Company Kenya AA Gakuyuni

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beanfruit kenya gakuyuni aa

I’ve reviewed several BeanFruit Coffee Company offerings in the past and I have been thoroughly impressed with this Jackson, Mississippi area roaster. Today I’m reviewing BeanFruit’s Kenya AA Gakuyuni, which you can buy directly for $15.25/12oz bag.

This coffee is grown in the 1600-1800masl range in the Kirinyaga coffee growing region of Kenya. It has our good buddies, the SL-28, SL-34 and Ruiru 11 varietals (classic Kenyan beans!) and, like virtually every Kenyan coffee, this one is washed/wet-processed.

BanFruit gives the descriptors, “Pink Grapefruit, Bakers Chocolate, Orange Peel, Creamy” for this coffee. I made this one both in my AeroPress and as a notNeutral Gino pourover. You can see my recipes in the menu at the top of the page.

This coffee was noticeably different using these two methods. In the AeroPress, the grapefruit came through really strongly. While some coffees have more of the pith flavor (the white stuff between the grapefruit and peel) this felt more like grapefruit juice to me. the pith came through in the lingering bitterness in the finish and the cup was sweet, yet tart.

In the pourover, there was a distinctly “dank” aroma to the coffee with a lot of florals as the cup cooled. The grapefruit was there in the acidity, but the bitterness in the finish was less using this method and the sweetness and body seemed enhanced. As the cup cooled the acidity shifted toward a lemony character and became quite bracing, but played well with the sweetness in the cup, like a lemon candy.

This is a classic Kenyan coffee, in my opinion. It’s super bright, yet has good body and ample sweetness to keep the tartness from being sour. There is grapefruit juice and lemon just pouring out of this cup and this is a shining example of the region!