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BeanFruit Kenya CloseupThis is the last (boo hoo!) of a trio of coffees sent for review from Jackson, Mississippi’s BeanFruit Coffee Company. The other two I reviewed, their CENFROCAFE from Peru and their washed Ethiopia from Kochere, have been solid offerings. This particular coffee comes from Kenya’s Muiri Estate, which has been growing coffee since the 1960’s and has been certified organic since 2008. As always, Cafe Imports has a great dossier on this estate for those who want to know the full story! You can purchase this coffee directly from BeanFruit for $14.75/12oz bag.

This coffee comes from Thika, Kenya, about 25 miles from the capitol of Nairobi. BeanFruit’s offering consists of the famous SL-28 varietal as well as SL-34 and the hybrid Ruiri 11. The estate sits at 1500masl and as pretty much all the coffee from Kenya is, this is a washed offering. BeanFruit lists, “vibrant, tangelo, cocoa nib, molasses” in their tasting notes and declared this a “medium” roast. Let’s see what I found…

BeanFruit Kenya Muiri bagI made my samples using a 15:1 Gino dripper method. My go-to method. Total extraction time for 32g of grounds ran around 4:30 not including a short bloom.

I loved the aroma on this coffee! I got lots of milk chocolate, some spices I couldn’t quite nail down (warm spices in the cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg area, although that hardly helps!), caramel and something that reminded me of cereal.

I found the flavor of this Muiri Estate to be a lot fruitier. I thought it was well-behaved and balanced for a Kenyan coffee. In the Gino, the cups had medium-light body and the bright notes took the forefront, but it was hardly an enamel-stripper. The aftertaste had cocoa and cinnamon.

In the flavor I picked up some cherry and the acidity seemed to come from citrus. As the cups cooled they became more solidly orange or tangerine for me. While this is a bright coffee, the acidity was soft and round, and lacked a hard edge, which I appreciated. This was an easy drinker and not overly complex. I enjoyed it and it was a good start to the mornings when I drank it!

This coffee received a score of 93 from Coffee Review and Corner of the Cafe has also reviewed a ton of BeanFruit’s other coffees over the past few years.

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