Blip X Thou Mayest Collaboration Coffee Preview

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Blip Thou Mayest collaboration logoIn Kansas City coffee news, two local KC coffee roasters, Blip and Thou Mayest, are taking a page from their brethren in the beer world with a collaboration coffee!

According to the press release Bo Nelson from Thou Mayest sent me, this is the first collaboration coffee between two roasters in the same city for a coffee like this. The intent seems to be bringing two roasters from KC’s exploding coffee scene together to celebrate Kansas City and the coffee culture and artistry surrounding it. And as the KC Coffee Geek, I’m very happy to play a part in bringing the news to all of you, too!

This sort of collaboration may be relatively new to the coffee industry, but collaboration beers have been a huge trend in the beer world for years now. These are usually limited edition offerings. This coffee will go on sale on June 5 and they expect to sell out quickly. The KC-roasted collab will be completed by letterpressed packaging (another Kansas City tradition) printed by local Survival Letterpress and a promo video shot and produced by KC’s  Summerhouse Films will round the whole thing out!

This collaboration coffee will contain a 50/50 blend of a Kenya Muiri Estate (Thou Mayest) and Guatemalan coffee from Lake Atitlan (Blip). The combined profile is described as, “a high five blast of awesome energy. Crisp, dense fruit collides with chocolatey butter.” Yum.

I should have packaging and coffee in my hands on Friday evening, so hopefully I’ll be posting my thoughts on the coffee along with photos of the packaging on Monday morning. Stay tuned!