Case Study Coffee Roasters Lomi Tasha

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Case Study Coffee Roasters are one of my favorite roasters in Portland and I always love their Sandy location, even if I usually only get to linger for about five minutes when I am there! During my last Portland trip they gave me sample bags of their entire current lineup, which I haven’t found a bad coffee in yet. Their consistency is amazing and I think you can taste Case Study’s dedication to excellence in every cup. This review is of Case Study Coffee Roasters’ Lomi Tasha. You can buy this coffee directly from Case Study for $18/bag by doing it the old-fashioned way and calling them to place your order over the phone. They will ship anywhere (at least in the USA)!

Lomi Tasha is another washed Ethiopian coffee. According to one site I saw while researching this coffee I found that this may mean “subtle, lemon” in an Ethiopian dialect, but who knows? If you ask me Case Study should rename this coffee to however you’d say “sweet peach tea” because those were the flavors I was loving in this coffee!

The beans themselves were full of a chocolate and salted caramel aroma, but in the cup this coffee was all about being sweet, peachy and tea-like. The washed Ethiopian coffees always seem to have a lot in common with black tea, to me. I prepared my cups using a Gino dripper and I pulled out a lot of peach and pectin sweetness with some lemon acidity. The flavor had notes of black tea with a drying finish on the palate that I also associate with drinking tea. I got lots of butter in the aftertaste, too, which sounds weird, but I loved the heck out of this coffee! It was like a deconstructed peach pie!

Most washed Ethiopian coffees give me black tea and lemon flavors, so this peach character was out of left field, although much appreciated. This may rank as my favorite washed Ethiopian to date and Case Study have done a great job pulling delicious, easy to drink flavors out of this coffee!