Changing Coffee Review Posting Format (just a little)

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When I set out to do coffee reviews I decided I wanted to do things differently than other reviewers. I tend to use less poetic and flowery language than some (can I REALLY, honestly say that a coffee tastes like late-July honeysuckle that was grown 40ft from a beehive? LOL) and I also figured if you cared about the elevation, varietal, producer, etc that you’d look that info up in the many links I put in most reviews.

That last part is what I am going to change because I’m realizing that coffee companies aren’t going to keep links alive forever and the information will likely disappear once the coffee isn’t available any longer. So, I’m going to start putting more background information on the coffees themselves as well as the “stats” that are available, for the sake of better recordkeeping. This blog is as much a personal diary on coffee drinking for myself as it is reviews for my readers, so putting this info into the review makes sense or else it’s a LOT harder to track down once the links die.

In an effort to make things more readable, I’ll put background info and stats at the end of the reviews, usually.