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I’m working my butt off on drinking as much coffee as I can but I don’t have a review for today, so in lieu of that, I’ll share some of the blogs that are my favorites that I read regularly. Enjoy! Someday when I have time I will share the non-coffee ones, too, but I am running out of time!!!

In no particular order, here are the blogs that I look at regularly for coffee education, news or just because I like them!

  • Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
  • Sprudge
  • Fresh Cup Magazine
  • Five Senses Coffee Blog – this Australian coffee shop (or roaster? Or both?) has some nice blog articles but be sure to click the “technical” link if you are a geek and you’ll find the gold nuggets there
  • Roasterjoe – this is Joe Marrocco’s personal blog. I suspect there will be a wild mix of coffee and non-coffee stuff on here. It’s brand new, so who knows what’ll shake out?
  • Coffeeinrome – having lived in Rome for 7 years, I absolutely love this one. It’s one California man’s eternal quest for Third Wave espresso in the Eternal City. The posts are entertaining, especially if you know life in Rome, and Sebastian posts a lot, so there is a lot of content on this site. Essential if you’re planning a visit to Rome, although in my opinion finding specific locations there can be frustrating and half the fun of Rome is simply walking around half lost and going into random coffee shops (one or two on every block, practically!) and just drinking tons of espresso.
  • A Table in the Corner of the Cafe – this is a great coffee review site.
  • Coffee Drinkers Make Better Lovers – this is sort of the Tokyo version of Coffeeinrome. Appears to be dead now but there is a lot of nice content here, some nice photos, etc. A sweet story and encouraging one for young people who’ve suffered life-changing health challenges like the author, who had a stroke in his 30’s (I think) did.
  • Case Study Coffee Roasters Blog – they aren’t super regular and a lot of the posts are introducing you to people who work there which may not be an issue for you if you don’t live in Portland, however the coffee origin trips ones are all fantastic and this is one of my top roasters, hands down!

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