Coffee In Puerto Rico

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I flew into Puerto Rico yesterday and I’ll be here until Sunday for a conference that has to do with my J.O.B. job. Tough place for a conference, I know! I’m actually writing this on Wednesday before I leave, so hopefully future-Steve is having a great time. Unfortunately present-me decided to do a 405-lb deadlift on Tuesday night without having deadlifted at all in the last 6 months and absolutely wrecked my back. But, hey, what could POSSIBLY go wrong with a trashed, painful back, getting up at 3:15AM for a 5:15AM flight, etc? LOL Anyway, hopefully Friday-me is doing better than Wednesday-me, is all I have to say!

As much as I would love to be able to tack on some extra days and see more of the real Puerto Rico, this is a work trip and I’m lucky to be able to go at all in the middle of the trimester, so it’s improbable that I’ll get off the resort grounds, much less find any real Puerto Rican coffee. Which brings me to the point of this blog, which is why isn’t more coffee being grown in and exported from Puerto Rico? Here’s a FANTASTIC story (audio and print) from NPR on the subject, so enjoy! 

Not a bad place for a conference
Not a bad place for a conference

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  1. Richard Pruner

    I have found some great Puerto Rico coffee from Gran batey coffee, they have a small coffee plantation, they sell green coffee and ship it to the states. For island coffee it is very high quality clean and bug free. sure hope you can get a sample and cup it for us.


    • KCcoffeegeek

      Unfortunately I was here in PR for a conference and am in the middle of a trimester at my real job, so I was locked into this resort and was in meetings the whole time. I was able to get some coffee from Las Marias roasted by Rustic Coffee Roasters, though, so I will be cracking into that as soon as I get home!