Cold Bruer Serving Suggestion

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Cold Bruer courtsesy of
Cold Bruer courtsesy of

Cold brew coffee is all the rage right now and I’m glad I invested in the Kickstarter for the Cold Bruer “device” earlier this year (or was it late last year?). It’s a super-simple cold brew tower that is relatively inexpensive (compared to some of the towers you can find out there) and takes up little space. I’ll do a whole review of this thing eventually, but in the meantime I did recently learn something about the coffee the Cold Bruer makes.

Until recently, I’ve been drinking this stuff over ice straight, without adding water. I brew at the recommended ratio of 58g of dry grounds to 24 ounces by volume of mixed water and ice. I think that makes a concentrate that can be diluted with water. So, the last few times I’ve drunk my cold brew I have added approximately (just eyeballing it because it ain’t rocket science) 1/4 to make 1/3 of water. It still tastes great and it stretches my cold brew out A LOT, so why not do it?

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