Dapper & Wise Kochere Banko Gutiti

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Dapper EthiopiaDapper & Wise is a relatively new roasting operation that is “bravely roasting coffee in the suburbs of Portland, OR.” I happened to be the in the same neck of the woods as Dapper & Wise when I was running all over Portland on my last trip there in May. It was a really cool experience for me because I dropped in, had a shot of this coffee as espresso, and in chatting with the manager, Adam, of their (AMAZINGLY COOL) shop, when I mentioned I was from Kansas City he said, “Are you that KCcoffeegeek guy on social media?” I don’t do this for fame or money but to be recognized “in the wild” for my blog and writing was really nice and a good affirmation for all the work I put into KCcoffeegeek!

Unfortunately it looks like I delayed posting this review too long and it doesn’t appear that this coffee, their Ethiopia Kochere Banko Gutiti, is available right now, but they do have two other Ethiopian coffees to choose from for $16.50/bag. This Kochere was a washed coffee and the Kochowa Town is also washed and probably is in a similar ballpark for tasting profile.

If you have a chance to make it D&W’s location in Portland, you should do so. It is awesome inside and they make a mean espresso!

I can’t tell you a ton about this coffee since it’s not listed on Dapper & Wise’s website anymore, but I do know it is a washed coffee. Being from Ethiopia, where some 4,000 varietals of Arabica grow, it would also be safe to say that these are “heirloom” varietals from a variety of small growers who contribute coffee to a washing station in Banko, in the Kochere region of Ethiopia. Elevation around there is in the neighborhood of 1800masl, give or take.

I’ve had this coffee as espresso, AeroPress and pourover in the Gino dripper. As espresso it is bright and has a lot of dark chocolate notes with some cherry and citrus tartness. It’s definitely a third-wave shot, but not a complete enamel stripper! Adam, from Dapper & Wise, recommended trying this espresso mixed with Mexican Coca-Cola and it wasn’t bad. I think I’m just an espresso guy, but for a change of pace, it really brought out a lot of caramel flavors in that concoction.

I think I liked this coffee best as an inverted AeroPress. I use a coarse espresso/very fine drip grind. 17.5g of coffee with 240g of water. Stir once halfway through and at the 2:00 mark I invert and press for about a 2:30 total time. This brought out a medium-light body with some berry and ferment in the later half of each sip, but a TON of florals in the aroma and flavors. I have no ability to describe flower aromas or flavors (I need to eat more flowers, I guess), but this coffee was a flower bomb, for sure! Lots of sweetness in the cup this way and as it cooled I got some hints of apricot, too.

It’s not too often that I come across coffee that is good every way I try it, but this was one versatile and enjoyable sample from Dapper & Wise and their packaging is among my favorites, which says a lot!