Exciting Coffee Subscription News from Japan

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Coffee subscriptions are, of course, all the rage. There are a million choices, from the Roasters.co subscriptions you can get personally curated by yours truly to the individual subscriptions offered by virtually every roaster on the planet!

One I’m really excited about and just subscribed to myself (for the record and for perfect transparency, I am paying full price for my subscription and I am not getting reimbursed in any way for this article or sharing this information… I’m a happy customer!) is Kurasu x Good Coffee’s monthly sub featuring Japanese roasters! I’ve been Instagram pals with Kurasu (Yozo Otsuki) for a while and when I bought a Tsukiusagi enamel kettle from him it arrived in Kansas City from Japan faster than most orders I place from US companies! Now I have my eye on the Kalita Pelican he is carrying, but I must resist!

In any case, Kurasu has partnered up with Japan’s Good Coffee to bring Japanese coffee worldwide via a nicely priced subscription service. It looks like they’ll be offering a 200g/month service (2500 yen, which is about $20US) and a 400g/month service (about $33US). It also looks like we’ll receive two coffees each month, so I can expect two 100-gram packets of coffee each month. October’s offering will be from Tokyo’s Glitch Coffee.

I will certainly report in and review each coffee I receive. My hopes for this subscription, in no particular order:

  • The same super-fast shipping that got my kettle to me in a couple days
  • Exciting and/or unusual coffees
  • The icing on the cake is if it is very “Japanese.” Anyone who has ever ordered products directly from Japan knows what I am talking about. Even if I can’t read what’s on the package, I’ll be happy!