Goodbye, Clever Coffee Dripper

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I picked up a Clever dripper about a year ago to use as my office coffee solution and I have not been happy with it. I use a digital scale, Bonavita water boiler, timer, so I know I’m using hot enough water and proper ratios. I’ve played with every possible grind size. I’ve ran a dozen different coffees through it. I keep it nice and clean. Yet EVERY SINGLE cup I run through has the same off flavor and always tastes the same, regardless of what coffee it is. I think the problem is twofold… first, I bought the small Clever and second I am using white Filtropa filters. I think paper flavors love being picked up by the small Clever and I think the Filtropa filters must give off some funk, even with a good rinse in boiling water.

I am moving on to the Aeropress. Yes, another gadget, but I think this is something that had to happen. Not sure what I’ll do with my Clever, though…