Hardy Coffee Co. Guatemala Waykan

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Harday Guatemala Waykan

Hardy Coffee Co. is the coffee roasting arm of Bliss Bakery and Aromas Coffeehouse, all based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Today I am looking at Hardy’s Guatemala Waykan, a washed coffee from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Hardy gives tasting notes of, “dried cherry, tart lime, caramel” for this coffee and you can purchase 12oz bags of this coffee directly from Hardy Coffee Co. for $17.

I used my trusty 1:15 ratio with a 4:00 total time in the notNeutral Gino pourover dripper with Kalita 185 white filter. I used 30g of coffee with a total of 450g of water. This resulted in a nice, clean cup that had enough complexity to be interesting yet enough simplicity to be drinkable. There was a nice cocoa and caramelized sugar aroma from this coffee and my first few sips immediately post-brew had notes of raisin, plums and figs. As the cup cooled it opened up and become sweeter. The sweetness was of caramelized brown sugar and it carried through to the finish, too, but wasn’t cloying. The acidity on this coffee is enough to add interest and it had notes of lime, but it wasn’t a tart or what I would consider high-acidity cup. In this case the lime added a needed dimension and structure to the coffee and also kept the sweetness in check. I also got a savory component that was a bit tomatoey from this coffee. It was a little out of place in this coffee but it didn’t seem to detract from the overall pleasant experience of drinking this cup. This was a good start to the morning after having a break from coffee yesterday while World HQ was having some plumbing problems!