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Hygge Brazil

Today we’re looking at a Brazilian coffee from my pals in Missoula, Montana, Hygge Coffee Co. Visit the links below and then let’s check out this coffee!

Roaster Profile: Hygge Coffee Co. – learn more about Hygge Coffee Co. and how to say their name, as well as what it means!

Hygge Coffee Co. Website

Purchase this coffee directly from Hygge Coffee Co. for $15/12oz bag with free shipping in the USA!

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Hygge Coffee Co.’s current Brazilian offering comes from Fazenda California, a large, storied coffee estate in Parana, Brazil. The farm sits at a relatively low 950masl, yet the coffee is surprisingly complex for a “low” altitude offering. Brazilian coffees tend to be straightforward and pretty basic, but let’s see if that stereotype applies to this lot or not. This is a dry process/natural coffee that Hygge recommends as drip, French Press and espresso. They offer tasting notes of, “Dried fruit, chocolate, caramel and brown sugar. Balanced and juicy.” I tried it as a pourover and espresso.

I enjoyed this coffee as a pourover using my usual 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNeutral Gino dripper. Made this way, there is nice body to the cup and some surprising brightness. The high notes lean toward a sweet, soft lemon with some crisp apple acidity in there, too. There is a lot of sweetness making up the low notes in this coffee and a good base of cocoa and nuttiness, as can often be expected from Brazilian coffees. This is a balanced and easy drinker and I was surprised by its overall flavor profile as a Brazilian coffee. In a blind test I’d probably call it Guatemalan or maybe Peruvian and that’s a good thing. Although this is a natural, don’t expect a big Ethiopian-style berry/fruit kick from it. It’s sweet and has great body but I didn’t find the strawberries or blueberries often associated with naturals from Africa. I found this Fazenda California from Hygge Coffee Co. to be pleasant and inviting, balanced, sweet, and super drinkable. It’s not going to win any awards for the most complex coffee in the world, but it’s a nice juxtaposition from the Banko Gutiti I reviewed from them last week, which was quite complex and much less accessible, in my opinion. I personally liked both coffees equally, but I would definitely call this cup a crowd pleaser while the Banko Gutiti had a profile that, in my opinion, would favor the more seasoned and adventurous coffee drinker.

Nice 1:1 ristretto - no filter!
Nice 1:1 ristretto – no filter!

As espresso, this one was a real surprise! I pulled a couple of old school ristretto shots using 16.5g of coffee and getting 17g out in 30 seconds. Nice crema on top but totally unexpected flavors… very bright and lemony, still sweet with excellent body, but more of what I would expect out of an African single origin. It’s no wonder Brazilian coffees make up the backbone of pretty much every espresso blend on the planet still! This was good for a single origin shot, but I’m still a sucker for a more balanced blend approach when it comes to my espresso. I’ll bet this would rock in small milk drinks like a macchiato or cortado, though!