Hygge Coffee Co. Burundi

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Hygge Burundi

We’ve come to the last of the three coffees sent to me by Hygge Coffee Co. in Missoula, Montana. Every coffee certainly lived up to the spirit of hygge and I can’t wait to share these with other Kansas City coffee geeks and see what they think of them, too. I was really impressed with Hygge’s roasting, so I’m excited to see what the future has in store for them! Check out the links below to the other reviews and Hygge’s roaster profile story and website, and remember, free shipping on all orders in the USA! Woohoo!

Roaster Profile: Hygge Coffee Co. – learn more about Hygge Coffee Co. and how to say their name, as well as what it means!

Hygge Coffee Co. Website

Purchase this coffee directly from Hygge Coffee Co. for $16/12oz bag with free shipping in the USA!

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I’ve gone from barely drinking any coffee from Burundi to having had quite a bit in the past few months, and like all the others, this one comes to us from Ben and Kristy Carlson of Long Miles Coffee Project. They moved their family to Burundi, the world’s poorest country, to use coffee as a means to help people improve their station in life. Fast forward a few years, they are helping farmers pick and process better as well as growing their own coffees, and the washing stations they’ve set up in-country are pumping out some top-notch coffee! They can tell their story better than anyone else can, so if this story is interesting to you, spending some time on their blog is well worth it.

This particular lot comes from Rugoma Hill and one of Long Miles’ own washing stations at Heza. This is 100% Bourbon varietal grown at 1940masl and it’s a washed process coffee. Hygge gives us flavor notes of, “Bright lemon aroma, asian pear, plum, caramel and red berry flavors. Creamy body.” The Hygge Coffee Co. website lists this as a “medium to dark roast” but I would call it medium, at least based on visual inspection. Nice, even roasting, no oils peeking out to the surface.

I used my usual pourover method to prepare my cups. That’s a 1:16 ratio of 28g coffee to 450g of water and a total brew time of around 3:30 or so. I wasn’t getting much to talk about from the aroma on this one, but my allergies flared up over the past couple days, so I don’t trust my nose right now anyway! This is a bright and sweet, yet full-bodied coffee like the other Long Miles offerings I’ve had. It has some flavors that are similar to Kenyan coffees, but more balanced in many ways.

I found lemon-lime acidity in my cups balanced by full body and a lot of sugary sweetness. There is a milky mouthfeel to this coffee and it has a perfumed, floral aftertaste that was really great. This Burundi has the brightness of a Kenyan, but it’s toned down a little bit. That perfumey, floral note offers a lot of complexity and played really well with the citrus acidity. I found this to be a somewhat tough coffee to describe, but it’s definitely super delicious and a very inviting and easy to drink cup. I love the story of the Long Miles Coffee Project and when roasters like Hygge Coffee Co. can coax out these beautiful flavors for us, it’s a match made in heaven! Another well-done coffee from an interesting range sent to me by Hygge! The Ethiopian was complex and more of an “advanced” coffee while the Brazil was super drinkable and more of a crowd pleaser. I’d say this Burundi hits both, really, with the complexity that gives aficionados something to dig for and a drinkable, sweet and inviting vibe that could easily make this your everyday morning cup. Well done!