Kansas City Coffee & Tea Week Kicks Off Today

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Caffeine Crawl Fall 2015

Kansas City is my adopted home. I’ve lived here for eight years, longer than any other place in my life, and so I have a lot of KC pride even though I’m not a native. Kansas City just gets better and better year after year and we’re simply crushing it in the food and beverage industry!

The Lab is a marketing firm specializing in the beverage industry and for years they have been organizing Caffeine Crawls around the USA. Starting in 2011, Caffeine Crawls happened in Kansas City, Denver and Springfield, MO. Now we’re having two crawls per year in KC and 2015 saw Caffeine Crawls in a bunch of cities (San Diego, Portland, Sacramento, Colorado Springs/Denver, Boulder/Ft. Collins, Oklahoma City, Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, Columbus, Indianapolis, Washington DC and KC).

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never attended one of the crawls because they happen during the time of year I travel a lot, but one of these times I will make it!

This weekend is one of the KC Caffeine Crawls and November 6-14 is also Kansas City Coffee & Tea Week. This crawl is the biggest one yet with 21 shops participating with 10 routes over 3 days!

It’s an exciting time in coffee in Kansas City and we’re just getting started!