Here is a running list of reviews on this site organized by shop/roaster and state/country! To orient you, I keep each roaster’s coffee grouped together and the newest review for that roaster shows up at the bottom of that group. For example, there are 14 reviews from Onyx Coffee Lab. The most recent ones are at the bottom of Onyx’s list under the state of Arkansas. Starting in 2016, I began tagging the year to every review, so you can search “Switchbox 2016” and get all the reviews from that year for that roaster. 2015 reviews have neither a tag nor are they marked in the lists below as “2015.” Last update 9/28/17


Beachcomber Coffee Co. (Blend, 2016)

Costa Rica

Gusto Cafe Boutique Bella Teresa (Costa Rica)


Coffee Board of India Arabica Plantation A (India)


The Roast Things Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Beloya (Ethiopia)

Puerto Rico (yes, I know it’s part of the USA)

Rustic Coffee Roasters Las Marias Medium Roast (Puerto Rico)
Rustic Coffee Roasters Las Marias Dark Roast (Puerto Rico)


Glitch Coffee & Roasters Rwanda Coko (Rwanda)
Glitch Coffee & Roasters Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)
Trunk Coffee Yirgacheffe Hama (Ethiopia)
Trunk Coffee Herbazu (Costa Rica)
Takamura Wine & Coffee Roaster Ethiopia Yirgachefe G1 Natural (Ethiopia)
Taoca Coffee Guatemala Santa Clara Microlot (Guatemala, 2016)
Taoca Coffee Kenya AA Iyego Factory (Kenya, 2016)
Golpie Coffee Limoncillo Pacamara Funky Natural (Nicaragua, 2016)
Golpie Coffee Kenya Kigwandi (Kenya, 2016)


Farmers Blend Ca Phe Viet Nam (robusta, 2016)

United States


Revelator Coffee Co. Gathaithi (Kenya, 2016)
Revelator Coffee Co. Shiwanda (Tanzania, 2017)
Revelator Coffee Co. Kalico (Burundi, 2017)


Presta Coffee Roasters Kanzu Lot #13 (Rwanda)
Presta Coffee Roasters Derar Ela (Ethiopia)
Presta Coffee Roasters Las Brumas (Nicaragua)
Peixoto Coffee Roasters Panorama (Brazil, 2017)
Peixoto Coffee Roasters La Guiglia (Ecuador, 2017)
Peixoto Coffee Roasters Família Peixoto (Brazil, 2017)
Peixoto Coffee Roasters Loma La Gloria (El Salvador, 2017)


Onyx Coffee Lab La Palma Jose Reyes Lot #21 (Colombia)
Onyx Coffee Lab La Palma Alvaro Rodriguez (Colombia)
Onyx Coffee Lab La Palma Jose Forero Lot #25 (Colombia)
Onyx Coffee Lab La Palma Jaime Gamez (Colombia)
Onyx Coffee Lab Sugar Skull Blend
Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopian Deri Kochoha (Ethiopia)
Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopian Yirg Kochere (Ethiopia)
Onyx Coffee Lab Kenyan Ndaroini (Kenya)
Onyx Coffee Lab Finca Santa Rosa #17 (El Salvador, 2016)
Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopia Hambela Buku Natural (Ethiopia, 2016)
Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopia Hambela Buku Washed (Ethiopia, 2016)
Onyx Coffee Lab Kenya Nyeri Barichu (Kenya, 2016)
Onyx Coffee Lab Kenya Othaya Cooperative (Kenya, 2016)
Onyx Coffee Lab Finca Santa Rosa Natural Nanolot (El Salvador, 2016)
Onyx Coffee Lab Finca Santa Rosa Washed (El Salvador, 2016)
Onyx Coffee Lab El Limonar Martinez (Guatemala, 2017)
Onyx Coffee Lab Colombia Estaban Pillimué (Colombia, 2017)
Mama Carmen’s Coffee Guatemala Acatenango (Guatemala)
Mama Carmen’s Coffee Julio’s Gesha (Guatemala, 2016)
Mama Carmen’s Yirgacheffe Kochere (Ethiopia, 2016)
Guide Coffee Ocotepeque Belen Lentago (Honduras, 2016)
Guide Coffee Yirgacheffe Adado Sulula (Ethiopia, 2016)
Mylo Coffee Co. Perla Negra (Costa Rica, 2016)
Mylo Coffee Co. Rwanda Gisgamwana Island (Rwanda, 2017)
Airship Coffee Calera Natural (El Salvador, 2016)
Airship Coffee The Super Red (El Salvador, 2016)
Airship Coffee Pacamara Natural (El Salvador)
Airship Coffee Konga Natural (Ethiopia, 2016)
Airship Coffee Kerinci Sumatra Honey (Sumatra, 2017)
Mountain Bird Coffee Co. Stevie’s Espresso (all-American espresso blend, 2016)
Mountain Bird Coffee Co. El Recreo Estate (Nicaragua, 2016)


Compelling & Rich Ethiopia Kochere Gr. 1 Washed (Ethiopia)
Compelling & Rich Kenya Karimikui Peaberry (Kenya)
Compelling & Rich Zinfandel Barrel-Aged Loma La Gloria (El Salvador)
Compelling & Rich Karimikui Peaberry (Kenya)
Jaguar Forest Organic Oaxaca Mexico Medium Roast (Mexico)
Jaguar Forest Organic Chiapas Mexico Medium Roast (Mexico)
Paramo Shadowplay (Rwanda)
Supersonic Alto de la Cruz (Colombia)
Mr. Espresso Rwanda Musasa Dukunde Kawa (Rwanda)
Mr. Espresso Worka Sakero (Ethiopia)
Mr. Espresso Golden Gate House
Solid Coffee Roasters Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar (Tanzania)
Solid Coffee Roasters El Salvador Cuscatlan (El Salvador)
Solid Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)
Equator Coffee & Teas COMUCAP (and Stacey’s review) (Honduras)
Equator Coffee & Teas El Injerto Pandora Del Carmen Auction Lot (Guatemala)
Lanna Coffee Co. Artisan Blend (Thailand)
Lanna Coffee Co. House Blend (Thailand)
Holy Schmidt Ethiopia Sidamo Rophi (Ethiopia)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Ethiopia Kochere (Ethiopia, 2016)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Panama Don Pepe Estate (Panama, 2016)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Guatemala Antigua Hunapu (Guatemala, 2016)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Ethiopia Guji (Ethiopia, 2016)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Cerrado Decaf Swiss Water Process (Brazil, 2016)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Soleim Erazo Munoz (Colombia, 2016)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Don Isidro “The Reds” (Nicaragua, 2016)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Anny Ruth’s Red Honey (El Salvador, 2017)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Seasonal Espresso (Espresso blend, 2017)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Burundi Nemba (Burundi, 2017)
Manzanita Roasting Co. Kenya Gachatha AB (Kenya, 2017)
Manzanita Roasting Co. El Gaucho (espresso review, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, 2017)
Cat & Cloud Colombia Isaac Bados (Colombia, 2016)
Clean Coffee Co. Pacific Highlands (Papua New Guinea, 2016)
Old Soul Co. Brazil Alta Vista (Brazil, 2017)
Mast Coffee Co. Candelaria Peaberry (Guatemala, 2017)
Hajo Roasts Java Organic Kayumas (Indonesia, 2017)
Hajo Roasts Kenya Nyeri (Kenya, 2017)
Hajo Roasts Yirgacheffe Idido Gersi (Ethiopia, 2017)
Progeny Coffee Farmers El Valiente (Colombia, 2017)


Corvus Coffee Cyebumba (Rwanda)
Corvus Coffee Maker’s Reserve Hacienda la Esmerelda (Panama)
Huckleberry Coffee Roasters YirgZ (Ethiopia)
Huckleberry Coffee Roasters Gondo (Kenya)
Novo Coffee San Sebastian (Colombia)
The Coffee Ride Kenya Gondo (Kenya)
The Coffee Ride Danch Meng (Ethiopia)
Dreamland Roasters Guatemala (Guatemala)
Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters La Gabriela (Costa Rica)
Cimarron Coffee Roasters Asasa Dry Process (Ethiopia, 2016)
Cimarron Coffee Roasters Asasa Washed Process (Ethiopia, 2016)
Switchback Coffee Roasters Guki Konjo (Ethiopia, 2017)
Switchback Coffee Roasters Las Delicias Geisha (El Salvador, 2017)
Pablo’s Coffee Muthuunzuni Reserve AA (Kenya, 2017)
Ki Roasters Costa Rica Sabanilla de Alajuela (Costa Rica, 2017)
Ki Roasters Ethiopia Sede Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia, 2017)
Agape Roasting Buufata Konga (Ethiopia, 2017)
Agape Roasting Muyinga Kavugangoma (Burundi, 2017)
Agape Roasting Shakiso Guji Highland (Ethiopia, 2017)


Brandywine Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Hambela Estate Washed (Ethiopia)
Brandywine Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Hambela Estate Natural (Ethiopia)
Brandywine Coffee Roasters Microlot Series: Colombia (Colombia, 2016)

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Yirgacheffe Kochere YirgZ (Ethiopia)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters San Sebastian (Colombia)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Finca El Retiro (El Salvador)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Finca Malacara B (El Salvador)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Kenya Thithi AA (Kenya)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Finca Cirri (Costa Rica)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Finca El Boyerito (Costa Rica)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Finca La Esperanza (Guatemala, 2016)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Colombia Huila Finca Salamina (Colombia, 2016)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Colombia Finca Buenos Aires 3 (Colombia, 2016)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Cumbres de Poas black honey (Costa Rica, 2016)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Yirgacheffe Kochere (Ethiopia, 2016)
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Los Cipreses (Guatemala, 2016)
Volcanista Coffee Co. Gedeb Asasa (Ethiopia, 2016)
Volcanista Coffee Co. Wahana Estate Natural (Sumatra, 2016)
Volcanista Coffee Co. Xinabajul Peaberry (Guatemala, 2016)
Volcanista Coffee Co. Peru Cajamarca (Peru, 2017)
Volcanista Coffee Co. Colombia Urrao Special Supply (Colombia, 2017)
Kings Arms Coffee Co. Limu Inara (Ethiopia, 2016)
Palmar Coffee Manos de Mujer (Guatemala, 2016)
Palmar Coffee Abelardo Reyes Microlot (Honduras, 2016)
Palmar Coffee Ardi (Ethiopia, 2016)
Eternity Coffee Roasters Yirgacheffe Konga (Ethiopia, 2016)
Switchbox Roasters Drima Zede (Ethiopia, 2016)
Switchbox Roasters Ricardo Valdivieso (El Salvador, 2016)
Switchbox Roasters Ethiopia Nekisse (Ethiopia, 2016)
Panther Coffee Kenya Thuti (Kenya, 2016)
Panther Coffee Finca Himalaya (El Salvador, 2016)
Argyle Coffee Roasters Gedeb Natural (Ethiopia, 2016)
Per’La Specialty Roasters Nyeri Giakanja AA (Kenya, 2016)
Private Reserve San Miguel Light and Dark (Honduras, 2016)
Patriot Coffee Roasters Finca Villa Luz (Colombia, Best of Cauca #14, 2017)


PERC Kenya Kiamariga AA (Kenya)
PERC Alejandro Apolinar (Peru)
PERC Oporapa (Colombia)
PERC Koke Cooperative (Ethiopia)
PERC Juggernaut Espresso (Seasonal, 60% Bob-o-Link Brazil/40% Ethiopia Ardi Natural)
PERC Ethiopia Gera (Ethiopia)
PERC Kenya Tambaya AA (Kenya, 2016)
PERC Campo Bello (Colombia, 2016)
PERC Colombia Samniego (Colombia, 2016)
PERC Tarime AB (Tanzania, 2016)
PERC Kenya Kianderi AA (Kenya, 2017)
PERC Kibirizi Lot 2 (Rwanda, 2017)
Hot Coffee Club Guatemala (Guatemala)
Hot Coffee Club Colombia Supremo (espresso, Colombia)
Radio Roasters Finca El Placer (Colombia, 2017)
Radio Roasters Burundi Kayanza (Burundi, 2017)


Carta Coffee Merchants Latitude Natural Process (Kona, 2016)
Carta Coffee Merchants Latitude Traditional (Washed) Process (Kona, 2016)
Carta Coffee Merchants Kona Peaberry (Kona, 2016)
Carta Coffee Merchants Meridian Roast (Light) (Kona, 2016)
Sensploration Coffee Paniolo Blend (Molokai, dark roast, 2016)
Sensploration Coffee North Shore Blend (Oahu, 2016)
Sunshower Farms Dawn Light Roast Blend (Kona, 2017)
Sunshower Farms Anuenue Blend (Kona, 2017)


Metric Coffee Co. Nyeri Kiamabara (Kenya)
Metric Coffee Co. Tres Rios (Costa Rica)
Metric Coffee Co. Colombia Decaf (espresso, Colombia)
Metric Coffee Co. Yirgacheffe Konga Gr. 1 (Ethiopia)
Metric Coffee Co. Ibu Rumani (Sumatra)
Metric Coffee Co. Nyeri Gatura Coop (Kenya)
Modest Coffee Natural Process Kochere (Ethiopia)
Modest Coffee Kichwa Tembo AA (Kenya)
River City Roasters Yirgacheffe Aricha (Ethiopia)
River City Roasters Bourbon Oak Barrel Aged Colombia Supremo (Colombia)
Goshen Coffee Company Hafursa (Ethiopia)
Goshen Coffee Company Banko Gotiti (Ethiopia)
Goshen Coffee Company Toribio Vasquez (Honduras)
Goshen Coffee Company La Pastoral Melosa (Nicaragua)
Halfwit Coffee Roasters Don Sabino (Nicaragua, 2016)
Halfwit Coffee Roasters Rwanda Kanzu (Rwanda, 2016)
Big Shoulders Coffee Kirinyaga Kainamui AA (Kenya, 2017)


Tinker Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Adado (Ethiopia)
Tinker Sumatra Mandheling (Sumatra)
Tinker Los Naranjos (Colombia)
Tinker Coffee Co. Conduit Blend (espresso)
Tinker Coffee Co. Malawi Misuku (Malawi, 2016)
Tinker Coffee Co. Finca Los Pinos (Niacaragua, 2017)
Tinker Coffee Co. Reko (Ethiopia, 2017)
S&W Craft Roasting Ltd. Finca Lerida (Panama)
S&W Craft Roasting Ltd. Guatemala Huehuetenango Fince El Interjal RFA (Guatemala)
S&W Craft Roasting Ltd. Kenya Nyeri Gatuiri AA (Kenya)
S&W Craft Roasting Ltd. Bali Blue Moon Organic RFA (Bali)
S&W Craft Roasting Honduras COMSA Marcala SHG FTO Espresso (Honduras)
S&W Craft Roasting Don Isidro Microlot (Nicaragua, 2016)
S&W Craft Roasting Ethiopia Gr. 1 Aramo Natural (Ethiopia, 2016)
S&W Craft Roasting La Pastoral Melosa (Nicaragua, 2016)
S&W Craft Roasting Yirgacheffe Gr. 1 Natural Gedeb (Ethiopia, 2016)
S&W Craft Roasting Kenya Kirinyaga Kanamui AA (Kenya, 2016)
S&W Craft Roasting Guatemala Atitlan Chochajau (Guatemala, 2017)
Dagger Mountain Roastery Finca Santa Elena (El Salvador, 2016)
Dagger Mountain Roastery Ethiopia Sidama Ardi (Ethiopia, 2016)
Dagger Mountain Roastery, Ethiopia Limu Gera (Ethiopia, 2016)
Dagger Mountain Roastery Limestone (espresso blend, Colombia/Kenya, 2017)
Dagger Mountain Roastery Colombia Nariño (Colombia, 2017)
Dagger Mountain Roastery Kenya Kiriani AA (Kenya, 2017)
Dagger Mountain Roastery Ethiopia Hambela Natural (Ethiopia, 2017)
Needmore Coffee Roasters Rabbit 18 (Honduras, 2016)
The Abbey Coffee Co. Monte Verde Ciprese (El Salvador, 2017)


Ross Street Roasting Co. Ethiopia Yirgachefe Adado Sulula (Ethiopia)
Ross Street Roasting Co. Nicaragua Finca Idealista Honey Process (Nicaragua)
Ross Street Roasting Co. Kenya Peaberry Nyeri County Barichu Co-op (Kenya, 2016)
Ross Street Roasting Co. La Bolsa Estate (Guatemala, 2016)
Ross Street Roasting Co. Dr. Doolittle’s Espresso Classico (Espresso blend, 2017)
Ross Street Roasting Co. Dr. Doolittle’s Espresso Nuovo (Espresso blend, 2017)
Cafe Visit: Mars Cafe, Des Moines (2016)


Black Dog Coffeehouse (cafe visit)
Maps Coffee Sidamo (Ethiopia)
PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. Konga Natural Gr. 1 (Ethiopia)
PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. Santa Maria (Colombia)
Meta Coffee Roasting Co. Organic Peru La Florida (Peru)
Meta Coffee Roasting Co. Organic Guatemala ADISQUE (Guatemala)
Meta Coffee Roasting Co. Organic Peru Finca La Flor del Sapote (Peru, 2016)
Repetition Coffee Colombia Best of Cauca #4 (Colombia, 2017)
Repetition Coffee Colombia Best of Cauca #11 (Colombia, 2017)


Sunergos Coffee Chiapas (Mexico)
Sunergos Coffee PNG Waghi (Papua New Guinea)
Sunergos Coffee Kenya Kirinyaga Mukangu (Kenya)
Sunergos Coffee Yirgacheffe Kochere (washed, Ethiopia, 2016)
Sunergos Coffee Finca Las Flores (Honduras, 2016)
Sunergos Coffee Yirgacheffe Idido (Ethiopia, 2016)
Quills Coffee Peru La Flor (Peru, 2016)
Harden Coffee Huehuetenango (Guatemala, 2017)


Epic Bean Coffee Mexican High Grown (Mexico)
Epic Bean Coffee Honduras COMSA Marcala (Honduras)
Epic Bean Coffee Costa Rica La Amistad (Costa Rica)


Madcap Coffee Company Kathakwa (guest post, Kenya)
Sabbath Coffee Co. Agaro Nano Challa Co-Op (Ethiopia, 2016)
Sabbath Coffee Co. Nyeri Gatamboya AB (Kenya, 2016)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Guatemala Esquipulas (Guatemala, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Honduras Santa Helena (Honduras, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Costa Rica El Higueron (Costa Rica, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Honduras Finca Quetanquira (Honduras, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Lekali Estate (Nepal, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Aleta Wondo (Ethiopia, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Los Planes (El Salvador, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Assefa Estate (Ethiopia, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Wush Wush (Ethiopia, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Reko (Ethiopia, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Worka (Ethiopia, 2017)
Theodore’s Coffee Roasters Bukeye Buhorwa (Burundi, 2017)
Ron’s Beans Uganda Gibuzale (Uganda, 2017)


Cafe Visit: Spyhouse Coffee Roasting, Minneapolis (2016)
Nordskogen Gatomboya (Kenya, 2016)
Nordskogen Yukro (Ethiopia, 2016)
Nordskogen Los Santos (Colombia, 2016)


BeanFruit Coffee Company CENFROCAFE Fair Trade Certified (Peru)
BeanFruit Coffee Company Ethiopia Kochere (Ethiopia)
BeanFruit Coffee Company Muiri Estate (Kenya)
Bean Fruit Coffee Company Ethiopia Chele’lektu (Ethiopia)
BeanFruit Coffee Company Kenya AA Gakuyuni (Kenya)
BeanFruit Ethiopia Adado Cooperative (Ethiopia, 2016)
BeanFruit Coffee Co. Aromas del Sur (Colombia, 2016)
BeanFruit Coffee Co. Finca la Bolsa (Guatemala, 2016)
BeanFruit Coffee Co. Sidama Guji (Ethiopia, 2016)
BeanFruit Coffee Co. Cormona Pulcal (Guatemala, 2016)


Benetti’s Adado (Ethiopia)
Crows Coffee (cafe visit)
Kaldi’s Coffee Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte (cafe visit)
Second Best Coffee (Cortado with Dogwood Neon espresso)
Second Best Coffee (Cortado with shop-roasted espresso)
Blip Roasters Kenya Murang’a AB Plus (Kenya)
Messenger Coffee Co. Patio Bonito (Colombia)
Messenger Coffee Co. Wote Konga (Ethiopia)
Messenger Coffee Co. Toarco Jaya AA (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
Messenger Coffee Co. Adado Natural (Ethiopia)
Messenger Coffee Co. Peru Jacinto Jara (Peru, 2016)
Messenger Coffee Co. Ethiopia Konga Natural (Ethiopia, 2016)
Oddly Correct Carlos Ramirez Finca Villa Vista (Colombia)
Oddly Correct Gerardino Tecano Experimental Process (Colombia)
Oddly Correct Stranger Danger (Winter 2014 seasonal espresso)
Oddly Correct Konga (Ethiopia)
Oddly Correct Gachatha AB (Kenya)
Oddly Correct Acatenango Gesha – natural (Guatemala)
Oddly Correct Long Miles Coffee Project Gishubi Hill (Burundi, 2016)
Oddly Correct Long Miles Coffee Project Burundi Ninga Peaberry (Burundi, 2016)
PT’s at the Croassroads (cafe visit)
Red Headed Philosopher Chiapas (Mexico)
Blip Roasters x Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters Collaboration (Guatemala & Kenya)
Blip Roasters Murang’a AB Plus (Kenya)
Blueprint Coffee San Andres (El Salvador)
Blueprint Coffee Karimikui AA Top (Kenya)
Blueprint Coffee Kawa Kabuya (Congo, 2017)
Blueprint Coffee Tamana (Colombia, 2017)
Blueprint Coffee Tektōn V.7 (Guatemala & Ethiopia, 2017)
Blueprint Coffee Penrose V13 (Colombia & Papua New Guinea, 2017)
Sump Coffee Sumatra Takengon (Sumatra)
Sump Coffee Las Lajas Alma Negra (Costa Rica)
Sump Coffee Colombia Decaf (Colombia)
Sump Coffee Ethiopia Reko (Ethiopia)
Brick & Mortar Coffee La Candelilla Gesha (Costa Rica)
Brick & Mortar Coffee Sumatra Jambi Kerinci (Sumatra)
Broadway Roasting Co. World Champions Blend (Ethiopia and Brazil)
Encore Coffee Co. Aceh Gayo Organic (Sumatra, 2016)
Encore Coffee Co. Tatamo Excelso Organic (Colombia, 2016)
Encore Coffee Co. Yirgacheffe Aricha (Ethiopia, 2016)
Encore Coffee Co. Caranavi Peaberry Organic (Bolivia, 2016)
Encore Coffee Co. Yirgacheffe Konga (Ethiopia, 2017)
Encore Coffee Co. Huehuetenango La Providencia Estate (Guatemala, 2017)
Encore Coffee Co. Crescendo Espresso Blend (Brazil, Guatemala, Sumatra 2017)
Blue Monarch Coffee Kerinci Highlands (Sumatra, 2017)
Blue Monarch Coffee San Pedro La Laguna (Guatemala, 2017)
Monarch La Pradera (Colombia, 2017)


Hygge Coffee Co. Ethiopia Grade 1 Natural Banko Gutiti (Ethiopia, 2016)
Hygge Coffee Co. Burundi (Rugoma Hill, Burundi, Long Miles Project, 2016)
Hygge Coffee Co. Brazil (Fazenda California, Brazil, 2016)
Black Coffee Roasting Sulawesi Rantekarua (Sulawesi, 2017)
Black Coffee Roasting Topo (Colombia & Ethiopia, 2017)


Meta Coffee Lab Yirgacheffe Buna Abada (Ethiopia)
Meta Coffee Lab Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangoi AB (Kenya)
Meta Coffee Lab Helsar Macho Arce (Costa Rica)
Hardy Coffee Co. Kenya AB Oreti Estate (Kenya)
Hardy Coffee Co. Guatemala Waykan (Guatemala, 2016)
Hardy Coffee Co. Brazil Criminosos (Brazil, 2016)
Hardy Coffee Co. Sulawesi Pongo Pongo (Sulawesi, 2016)
Hardy Coffee Co. Benchmark (dual use blend, 2016)
Hardy Coffee Co. Guatemala Waykan (Guatemala, 2016)
Hardy Coffee Co. El Greco (Costa Rica, 2017)
Reboot Roasting Brazil Fazenda Rainha (Brazil, 2016)


Sambalatte Ethiopia Guji Hambela (Ethiopia, 2017)
Sambalatte Brazil Sitio Cantagalo (Brazil, 2017)
Vesta Coffee Roasters Peru Amaybamba (Peru, 2017)
Vesta Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Kochere Natural (Ethiopia, 2017)
Vesta Coffee Roasters Wine Barrel Aged San Marcelino (El Salvador, 2017)

New Jersey

Royal Mile Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Dumerso (Ethiopia)
Royal Mile Coffee Roasters Sitio Chapada (Brazil)
Royal Mile Coffee Roasters Rwanda Coffee Villages SWP Decaf (Rwanda)
Royal Mile Coffee Roasters Rwanda Kivu Kibuye (Rwanda)
OQ Coffee Co. Asrar Haraz (Yemen, 2016)
OQ Coffee Co. La’aali Peaberry (Yemen, 2016)
OQ Coffee Co. Al Ghayoul (Yemen, 2016)
OQ Coffee Co. Malala (Yemen, 2016)
OQ Coffee Co. Nigusie Estate Natural Rum Barrel Conditioned – Run 04 (Ethiopia, 2016)
OQ Coffee Co. Nigusie Estate Natural (Ethiopia, 2016)
OQ Coffee Co. Colombia Las Delicias (La Palma y El Tucan lot, Colombia, 2016)

New York

Peaks Coffee Co. Mexico Chiapas (Mexico)
Peaks Coffee Co. Ethiopia Ardi (Ethiopia, 2016)
Peaks Coffee Co. Java Puspa Microlot (Java, Indonesia, 2016)
Peaks Coffee Co. Kenya AA Kichwa Tembo (Kenya, 2016)
Laveggio Roasteria Ethiopia Moka Harrar Bagersh (Ethiopia)
Laveggio Roasteria Amaro Gayo Natural Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Laveggio Roasteria Burundi Mpanga (Burundi)
D’Amico Red Hook Blend (dark roast blend)
D’Amico House Blend Dark (dark roast blend)
D’Amico French Kenya (dark roast, Kenya)
D’Amico French Costa Rica Tarrazu (dark roast, Costa Rica)

New Mexico

Cartel Coffee Lab Yirgacheffe Adado (Ethiopia)


Mission Arabica Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Mission Arabica Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)
Six Shooter Coffee Fair Trade Organic Peru (Peru)
Six Shooter Coffee Mexico Natural Zihuatanejo (Mexico)
Deeper Roots Coffee Joao Hamilton (Brazil, 2016)
Deeper Roots Coffee Alchemy Espresso (blend, 2016)
Deeper Roots Coffee Ethiopia Ayele (Ethiopia, 2016)
Ramble Coffee Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands (PNG, 2017)
Ramble Coffee Nicaragua Madriz Decaf (Nicaragua, 2017)
Ramble Coffee Colombia Huila Excelso (Colombia, 2017)


1804 Coffee Co. Pine Fore (Haiti, 2016)


The Arbor Lodge (cafe visit)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Finca el Oso – Dark Roast (Colombia)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Deviation Blend (espresso, Ethiopia & Guatemala)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Deviation Blend Spring 2015 (espresso, Peru & Ethiopia)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Gelana Abaya (Ethiopia)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Lomi Tasha (Ethiopia)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Toarco Tana Toraja (Sulawesi/Indonesia)
Case Study Coffee Roasters El Paternal SWP Decaf (Guatemala)
Case Study Coffee Roasters El Naranjo (Colombia)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Finca Los Congos (washed, Nicaragua)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Finca Los Congos (natural, Nicaragua)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Alto Cabayul (Colombia)
Case Study Coffee Roaster Limu Gera (Ethiopia)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Los Congos Pacamara Natural (Nicaragua, 2016)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Los Congos Pacamara Washed (Nicaragua, 2016)
Case Study Coffee Roasters Kenya Gachatha (Kenya, 2016)
Heart Bella Vista (Colombia)
Roseline Finca Llana Redondo (Colombia)
Tanager Gondo (espresso shot, Kenya)
Tanager Zelele Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)
Tanager Four Farms – Las Cruces Project (El Salvador)
Tanager Guji Uraga (Ethiopia)
Tanager El Jazmin (Colombia)
Tanager Santa Josefa (Peru)
Intent Coffee Roasting Kochere Biloya (Ethiopia)
Intent Coffee Roasting Finca La Flor Del Sapote (Peru)
Intent Coffee Roasting Papaua New Guinea Purosa Valley Co-op (Papua New Guinea)
Intent Coffee Roasting Kabum Mt. Elgon (Uganda)
Intent Coffee Roasting Kabum Mt. Elgon SO Espresso (Uganda)
Intent Coffee Roasting House Blend (dark roast blend)
Sterling Coffee Roasters Inza-Cauca (Colombia)
Sterling Coffee Roasters Blendo Stupendo (Brazil + Colombia)
Dapper & Wise Kochere Banko Gutiti (Ethiopia)
Dapper & Wise Kenya PB Kamacharia (Kenya)
Case Coffee Roasters Reko (Ethiopia)
Nossa Familia San Miguel Timoteo Minas (Guatemala, 2016)
Andrew Coe Coffee Alarcon Bravo (Peru, 2017)
Andrew Coe Coffee Rosa Encarnacion (Ecuador, 2017)


Backyard Beans Coffee Co. Punch in the Face (dark roast blend)
ReAnimator Coffee Roasters Colombia Timana (Colombia, 2016)
ReAnimator Coffee Roasters Guatemala La Pastoria (Guatemala, 2016)
ReAnimator Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Shoye (Ethiopia, 2016)
Máquina Coffee Roasters Finca La Joya (Ecuador, 2017)
Máquina Coffee Roasters Colombia Buesaco (Colombia, 2017)
Folk City Roasters Finca Pavon (Guatemala, 2017)

South Carolina

Broom Wagon Coffee Sumatra Mandheling Gayo (Sumatra, 2016)
Broom Wagon Coffee Yirgacheffe Koke Co-op (Ethiopia, 2016)
Broom Wagon Coffee Yirgacheffe Buufata Konga (Ethiopia, 2017)
Broom Wagon Coffee Costa Rica Tirrazu Tirra Natural (Costa Rica, 2017)

South Dakota

Pure Bean Roasters Sumatra Mandheling (Sumatra, 2016)


Steadfast Coffee AB Tarime (Tanzania)
Honest Coffee Roasters Tanzania Shiwanda (Tanzania, 2016)
Honest Coffee Roasters Kenya Kiangoi (Kenya, 2016)
Honest Coffee Roasters Peru El Palto (Peru, 2016)
Honest Coffee Roasters Top Hat Series Villa Sarchi (Costa Rica, 2016)
Honest Coffee Roasters Top Hat Series Catuai (Costa Rica, 2016)
Honest Coffee Roasters Rayos del Sol (Peru, 2017)
Honest Coffee Roasters El Cipres (Peru, 2017)
Honest Coffee Roasters Dual Axes Blend (Blend, 2017)


Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters Helsar de Zarcero (Costa Rica)
Tweed Coffee Roasters El Diamante DOS (Guatemala)
Novel Coffee Roasters Cielito y Maria (Colombia)
Novel Coffee Roasters Idido (Ethiopia)
Pearland Coffee Roasters Sitio Da Serra (Brazil)
Evocation Colombia Las Colinas (Colombia, 2016)
Edison Roasting Company Kochere (Ethiopia, 2016)
Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Finca Bremen (organic, Guatemala, 2017)
Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Tarrazu Tirra Honey (Costa Rica, 2017)
Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Ayehu (Ethiopia, 2017)
Rosalind Coffee Co. Jade Espresso (Espresso blend, 2017)
Rosalind Coffee Co. Monte Verde Honey (El Salvador, 2017)


Publik Coffee Roasters Kenya Igutha (Kenya, 2017)
Publik Coffee Roasters Bukeye Nyarucamo (Burundi, 2017)


Lucas Roasting Co. PNG Nebilyer Valley (Papua New Guinea, 2016)
Lucas Roasting Co. Canvas de Barista (espresso blend, 2016)
Lucas Roasting Co. Long Miles Coffee Project Bukeye Micro Lot (Burundi, 2016)
Ironclad Coffee Roasters Congo Idjwi Island (Congo, 2017)
Ironclad Coffee Roasters Nicaragua Gold Mountain “The Don’t Tutti Frutti” (Niacaragua, 2017)
Brugh Coffee Co. Peru Amazonas (Peru, 2017)
Brugh Coffee Co. Yader & Karen Perfectionist Micro-Lot (Nicaragua, 2017)
Brugh Coffee Co. Yirgacheffe Konga (Ethiopia, 2017)
Brugh Coffee Co. PT Toarco Pango Pango (Sulawesi, 2017)
Lone Oak Coffee Co. Ethiopia (Ethiopia, 2017)
Lone Oak Coffee Co. Kenya AA (Kenya, 2017)


Velton’s Coffee Kivu Kigeyo (Rwanda)
Spotted Cow Farmhouse Espresso (Guatemala, Ethiopia)
Kuma Coffee Arbe Gona (Ethiopia, 2016)
Roast House Kenya Karimikui AA (Kenya, 2017)
Roast House No Limits 2.0 Espresso (Colombia, 2017)
Roast House Homacho Waeno (Ethiopia, 2017)
Roast House Gilda Carrascal (Ecuador, 2017)


Just Coffee Co-op Electric Monkey (espresso blend, 2016)
Just Coffee Co-op Espresso Monkey Decaf (espresso blend, 2016)
Just Coffee Co-Op Natural Sidama (Ethiopia, 2017)
Just Coffee Co-Op Humdinger (Ethiopia, 2017)
Kickapoo Coffee Roasters Congo Muungano (Congo, 2017)
Anodyne Coffe Roasting Co. Myanmar Mandalay (Myanmar, 2017)
Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. Gelana Abaya (Ethiopia, 2017)
Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. Congo Kawa Maber (Congo, 2017)
Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. PNG Naumra Timuza (Papua New Guinea, 2017)


H+S Coffee Roasters Nyeri Kiruga Othaya (Kenya)
H+S Coffee Roasters Tana Toraja (Sulawesi/Indonesia)
H+S Konga Cooperative (Ethiopia)
H+S Coffee Roasters Sweetwater Blend
H+S Coffee Roasters Double Diamond (dark roast)