Metric Coffee Co. Costa Rica Tres Rios – Juicy Fruit

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I have really been digging Metric Coffee Co’s coffees over the last few weeks. This Tres Rios from Costa Rica has tons of acidity (a good thing in coffee!) with lots of high fruity notes. It’s complex yet sweet and balanced.

Disclaimer: This coffee was provided as a complimentary sample by Neither Metric Coffee Co. or is an advertiser and this was not a paid review (nor are any others on!). The fact that this coffee was submitted to free of charge did not affect the outcome of this review. 

If you decide you want to order some of this coffee, you can get it for $15.50/bag from and if you use the coupon code, “KCCOFFEEGEEK” you’ll save 10% off your entire order.

I have been drinking a lot of Metric Coffee recently, and that’s a good thing. I reviewed their Single Origin Yirgacheffe Konga and their Colombia Decaf, and I have a Kenya from them I will be posting soon, too. Yum, yum, yum and yum! The Konga is a refined, subtle coffee with lots of high acid notes while the Colombia makes for awesome salted caramel/pretzel espresso as well as likable drip cup.

This Tres Rios is a complex cup that hits tons of high notes and really showcases fruit acidity (which I always remind readers is a good thing in coffee… it doesn’t mean it’ll strip the paint off your car or chew a hole in your stomach!). The tasting notes mention caramel, red flame grape and a sour candy finish. I picked up plum in addition to the grape and the word “juicy” just kept coming to mind.

This Tres Rios from Metric has nice mouthfeel from the Gino dripper (flavors were similar from inverted AeroPress) and the acid encouraged salivation and just made me want to drink more and more of it. The cup holds up well as it cools and that acidity is super bright and fruity, more “red fruits” than citrus. I picked up little hints of just-ripe strawberry here and there, too, and there was nice sweetness to round the edges and balance all of that fruit.

I tried this as a shot in my espresso machine, assuming it’d be way too bright because of its drip profile and it wasn’t bad. It was definitely “hot” but not more so than some of the Portland coffee shop espressos I’ve had. I think Metric’s Colombia Decaf would be my first choice in espresso for now, though (yes, it’s that good).

I did find that the acidity of the Tres Rios toned down a little after I’d had the bag open for a few days, but that didn’t seem to diminish its appeal. It is very Kenya-like when it’s fresh and I think anyone who likes bright and fruity coffees will love this one.