Rather than rehashing my methods in every post, here is a breakdown of my methods for brewing coffee. When I’m reviewing a coffee, I try as many of them as I can to see what works, and what doesn’t!


I use 30g of coffee to 480g of water. I am currently using the white filters. I aim for around 4:00 total time after I bloom the coffee.


I use the inverted method with 17g of coffee and 240g of water. I pour around 30-40g initially, stir it well to get all the grounds wet, and then pour the rest to 240-ish and give another good stir. I usually stir once around 1:00 or so and then again right before the 2:00 mark and then I start pressing. I usually get a 2:30-2:40 total extraction time. I use both the paper filters and the Able DISK.


notNeutral’s Gino is basically a glass Kalita 185. I use the white 185 filters from Kalita. I am using 30g of coffee to 400g of water and that seems to hit the 4:00 desired extraction time on the money for me.


I have an old Gaggia Espresso that does the trick just fine. Have had it for about 8 years and it works for me! 18g-20g dose in a double basket and I tamp with a 58mm flat bottom “serrated” tamper currently. I pull around 30g of espresso at 30-35 seconds. When I make milk drinks I use whole milk, but I tend to like my espresso the way God intended.


I have a Cold Bruer drip tower for making cold brew concentrate (I think I do 50g of coffee to 12 ice cubes + 12 ounces of water?) and an ancient Bodum French Press I’ll use occasionally, too.


I use three grinders, all manual. I have an older Kyocera that holds around 17-19g of coffee, so I set it for my AeroPress and just tighten/loosen a bit for whether I am using the Able DISK (needs a looser grind) or paper. I use a Hario Skerton for my espresso. All others go through a 1940’s-1950’s PeDe wall-mounted grinder I bought a long time ago from Orphan Espresso back when they were mostly known for rehabbing old grinders. It is pretty inconsistent, honestly, but I love it and that’s that.