Oddly Correct Carlos Ramirez – Finca Villa Vista, Colombia

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Carlos Ramirez 2This is the last of a trio of Kansas City’s Oddly Correct coffees that I’ve been drinking since Christmas. This one is the Carlos Ramirez from Finca Villa Vista in the La Mesa region of Colombia. The other two reviews were of Oddly’s winter seasonal espresso, Stranger Danger (available through March) and another Colombian coffee, Gerardino Tecano (EXCELLENT coffee in the espresso machine and as pourouver) that uses an experimental fermentation process. The latter can still be purchased through this link.

Disclaimer: Oddly Correct provided this coffee as a complimentary review sample for kccoffeegeek.com. They are not advertisers nor is this a paid review (nor is any other on this site). The cost of the coffee did not affect the outcome of this review.

Oddly Correct hit it out of the park with another solid offering with this coffee. I don’t have much information about this one, but I did notice it lists “lactic/acetic fermentation” on the label like the Gerardino Tecano did, but they are from different farms in Colombia, so I’m not sure if they went through the same type of processing or not.

I will say if you can get this coffee to make sure it is fresh. I noticed a significant drop off in brightness and flavor once it crossed the two-week mark. It was still a good drinker even at three weeks out, but it wasn’t as dynamic or special at that point. I don’t consider this a fault. Most roasted coffee should be prepared sooner than later and this is a 225g/8oz bag which wouldn’t last even a by-the-cup drinker a terribly long time.

Processed with VSCOcam with x4 presetI prepared this coffee both as AeroPress and in a Gino (basically a Kalita) dripper. My recipes are in a link beneath the logo at the top of the page. The tasting notes for this coffee read, “Complex and sweet. Plume wine, red grapefruit and raspberry lemonade all come to mind…” I found this coffee tasted a lot like a natural, which lots of sweetness, body and fruit flavors. Slurping with a cupping spoon I definitely appreciated the raspberry and a hint of peach. Fuller sips really coated my mouth with raspberry, strawberry and some blueberry, too. There was a slight drying/astringent sensation on my tongue in the aftertaste that made me want to drink more and more of this coffee!

As the cup cooled the tartness of the acids increased a bit and really played well with the sweetness of the coffee. Lots of plum started to show up as the cup cooled off, too. I even got flavors I associated with gingerbread as the cup approached room temperature.

I highly recommend this Carlos Ramirez from Oddly Correct if you can get it right after roasting. While the Gerardino Tecano was overall a brighter coffee and less sweet out of the gate, it held up really well and was very consistent over time, so if you’re not a fast drinker or are buying some Oddly Correct coffee that you need to put on the shelf for a little longer, I think the flavors are similar enough that you’d like either one of these offerings.

Oddly hit all three of these coffees out of the park and I couldn’t have been happier with what I sampled!

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