Onyx Coffee Lab La Palma & El Tucan Colombian Micro-Lots

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My amazing friends at Onyx Coffee Lab in Arkansas have been working with the (also amazing) folks at La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia to bring some excellent coffees to our cups. My next few reviews are going to be of Onyx’s roasting of some of these lots, so rather than blow you dear readers up with too much information, here is a brief primer to inform you about what La Palma y El Tucan is and what is so special about these coffees.

La Palma y el Tucan is a processing operation high in the eastern Colombian Andes. From what I have been able to learn so far La Palma processes coffee from a bunch of small lot farmers in the area. These coffees are limited in availability and they also feature experimental processing using lactic and acetic (or probably both in some cases) fermentation in the washing process. They seem to be on the cutting edge, that’s for sure! I am really excited to bring these coffees to you, and the two I’ve been drinking so far have been really good! There will be four to review altogether, three of which are now currently available from Onyx!

Update: I wondered if two Oddly Correct coffees I had a couple months ago may’ve been from La Palma y El Tucan, too, because they both featured “experimental fermentation,” too, and Mike, their roaster, confirmed that, in fact, they were! Cool! See the reviews here and here! 

This 8-minute video is well worth watching: