Palmar Coffee Honduras Abelardo Reyes Microlot

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If you haven’t noticed, it has been snowing Florida coffee on this site for the recent past, and I love it! Today’s cup is from Palmar Coffee, a roaster located in Miami, FL. I just took my trash out for pickup and it’s 13°F outside! What I would give to be in Miami right now, where it’s 75°F right now! Since that’s out of the question, coffee from Miami is the next best thing!

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Buy this coffee directly for $10/8oz

Palmar Coffee Guatemala Manos de Mujer review


Palmar Coffee is a roaster/wholesaler based out of Miami, FL. They started out in 2015 and you can buy coffee directly online as well as being able to find them in Miami-area Whole Foods and cafes, too. I instantly fell in love with Palmar’s aesthetic when I got my hands on their Manos de Mujer from Guatemala a few months ago. Their labeling on bags is way up on my favorites list right now… soft pastel colors with a coffee plant line drawing and the origin country worked in as a large, but unobtrusive background type. I just love the look of it! And I am also a big fan of their smaller 8oz bags. It brings the price down, they’re easier to get through while still being fresh, and for consumers who like to try different coffees often, it’s a great way to get your hands on two different coffees for the same price you’d spend on a pound of specialty. Love everything about it!

Today’s coffee is a microlot from Finca San Francisco in the Intibuca department (like a state here in the US) of Honduras. Intibuca borders El Salvador to its south and is virtually surrounded by national parks and preserves. This selection is Caturra and Catuai grown around 1400masl and the coffee is washed/wet-processed. Abelardo started growing coffee in 2006 on a 1-hectare plot of land gifted to him by his grandmother. Since then, he has grown to 15 hectares and his direct relationship with Palmar Coffee helps impact Abelardo and his family in a positive way. Palmar give us tasting notes of, “rich body, with chocolate and caramel notes.”

I used my standard 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNoeutral Gino pourover. I’ve come to expect lots of apple-like notes from Honduran coffees and this one did not disappoint! This is a full-bodied coffee that’s super-clean and has a great balance to it, too. There is a delicious, juicy malic acidity (the type of acidity/brightness you get from an apple) that offers nice brightness to the cup without a lot of edge to it. It reminded me of the freshness and crispness of a Fuji or Honeycrisp apple rather than, say, a Granny Smith. That acidity component made this a tough coffee to not want to just chug in big gulps! To balance out that crisp brightness there was a sweet base, almost giving this cup an apple Jolly Rancher vibe. That candy has a much harsher acidity to it, but the overall sweet/bright play reminded me of a Jolly Rancher, all the same!

The thing that strikes me about Honduran coffee is just how consistent it is! I feel like I get this similar profile from almost every one I drink and it’s friggin’ delicious! I liked everything about this coffee from the presentation to the cup and it was awesome all the way down to room temperature. Another excellent showing from Palmar Coffee and I’ll have their Ethiopia Ardi to talk about next week, too!