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I was quite smitten with Peixoto Coffee Roasters’ two other coffee I’ve had so far (links to the reviews are below) and so it’s with great expectations that I’m drinking another selection from the Peixoto farm in Brazil this morning! Without further ado…

Peixoto Coffee Roasters

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Julia Peixoto Peters and her husband, roaster Jeff Peters, have their roastery and cafe in Chandler, Arizona, the suburbs of Phoenix, but Julia’s roots go straight back to Brazil. Her family has been growing coffee for well over 100 years there! You can imagine the careful attention to detail someone who is not only roasting coffee, but roasting their own family’s production, takes in this business. Julia and Jeff clearly approach every coffee as if it were their own. The last Peixoto family coffee I reviewed was their Panorama, a very special lot because the trees it came from were all killed by a freak drop in temperatures that caused frost to destroy the plants. Today I’m looking at Peixoto’s go-to lot of current harvest coffee from their family’s farm in Brazil, Fazenda Sao José da Boa Vista.

This coffee is a Catuai/Catucai blend of varieties grown at 1250masl on the family farm in Sul de Minas, Brazil. It is a natural process coffee that Peixoto says has flavors of, “Hazelnut, honey, berries.” They elaborate, calling it, “a sweet, clean, and rich flavor profile” that “pleases just about everyone. Works flawlessly on all brewing methods from espresso to pour over to french press to cold brew.” I will be trying this coffee two ways: espresso and pourover.


I used my standard 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNeutral Gino dripper with a Handground grinder set to 3 and using Third Wave Water. These beans are roasted pretty light and they dropped to the bottom of the filter more than some others do, creating a pretty slow extraction. I didn’t time it, but I probably could’ve opened up my grind size a little. That said, it tasted good, so… This method yielded a cup with medium body and a creamy mouthfeel. This is more of a “traditional Brazilian” profile than the Panorama I enjoyed so much. It’s sweet and nutty with low perceived acidity, for me, although still dynamic with some brightness to offset the lower end flavors. I am getting some apple-like sweetness and acidity in this cup and there is maybe a hint of citrus hiding in there, too. I don’t get a lot of berries from this cup although there is sort of a berry jamminess in the finish and aftertaste. If go a a minute or so between sips I also get a nice, warm vanilla note on my palate. Mostly I’m getting lots of sweetness and roasted nuts in a clean, very easy-drinking cup of coffee and I can definitely see this being Peixoto’s version of an “everyone likes it” workhorse coffee. It has the hallmarks of a drinkable, super-balanced blend, only it’s a single origin coffee! This is a coffee that well represents the Família Peixoto moniker!


I pulled my shots at a little over a 1:2 ratio, which is somewhat rare for me (I usually end up in the 1:1.6-ish range) using 20 grams of coffee and getting a 40-43g yield in the cup in 27 seconds. This made for a nice shot… OK crema, body a little on the thin side, but sweet, clean with a bright lemon candy acidity and still retaining some nice nutty notes. It was brighter than I thought it would be, but far from being an enamel stripper! I liked it a lot!