Peixoto Coffee Roasters Ecuador La Guiglia

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I’m back from a few days in San Francisco and to start the week off I’m jumping right into this selection from Ecuador from Peixoto Coffee Roasters in Chandler (Phoenix), Arizona! Slurp!

Peixoto Coffee Roasters

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Peixoto Coffee Roasters Panorama review


I was really impressed by Peixoto’s Panorama, a coffee grown on the Peixoto family farm in Brazil. I’m sure that same attention to detail carries over to other coffees, too! Julia Peixoto Peters and her husband/roaster, Jeff Peters, know their way around coffee, even though the cafe is a fairly new addition (opened in 2015) in Chandler. Of course, coffee is in Julia’s blood! This morning’s coffee is a unique washed variety, Sidra, grown in Ecuador. According to Peixoto, this is a cross hybrid of Bourbon and Typica that is rare and sought after. This is the first I’ve ever heard of Sidra. Sidra is a new hybrid being developed to combat the devastation of leaf rust in South America. As a whole, coffee exportation is still pretty new to Ecuador, in general, with only around 100 containers of coffee leaving the country every year. According to Peixoto, they tasted, “a lot of citrus up front, delicate lime blossom and jasmine come though in the middle, then deep dried fruit and brown sugar sweetness dominate the finish.” They really loved this coffee and I hope I do, too!

I used my standard pourover setup of a 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNeutral Gino dripper. Handground grinder was set to 3 and I used Third Wave Water, as always, in my preparation. I found floral notes in the aroma as well as the early sip for this coffee. The coffee really “feels” somewhat “narrow” on my palate in the initial sip and then, no pun intended, blossoms out and expands as it hits more parts of my palate. I guess this seems obvious typing it out because, literally, that’s what’s happening when I taste something, but this expansion of flavor is more palpable in this coffee.

I get a lot of lime notes in this coffee with little of the bitterness that usually comes with lime, for me. This lime acidity is very light in the early sip and then builds in the middle and leaves a lime, with some lemon, finish into the aftertaste. I also get some apple sweetness in this cup, so there’s probably some malic acid in there in addition to the citric acid giving a lime note. This is a very floral coffee and there is a lot of complexity going on from the wash of floral notes and complex acidity happening. For all of the acidity and floral notes happening in this cup, it’s still balanced with lots of sweetness and it doesn’t read as harsh or overly bright to me. There is an apple sweetness and a bit of red apple in the finish and aftertaste, too, as well as a bit of a brown sugar tone in the second half of the sip.

This is a really beautiful cup of coffee! It’s perfectly balanced with low and high notes and quite complex while still retaining a lot of drinkability. The interplay of lime, florals, apple and sugars is amazing and this is such an inviting and delicious drinker as a result! I’m starting to understand why so many people have recommended Peixoto for me to review!