Perc Coffee Juggernaut Espresso

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At least you can tell it's a heart this time!
At least you can tell it’s a heart this time!

Perc Coffee won me over the last time they sent me coffees to review, so when I was on the hunt at to spend some of my space credits on a new espresso, their Juggernaut blend caught my eye! If you didn’t know it already, I am a curator for, and you can subscribe and get all your coffees handpicked by yours truly if that’s your thing! You can get your own single bag of Juggernaut for $13 through even if you aren’t a subscriber, or directly from Perc for $14.

I actually got a bag of this and Spotted Cow Farmhouse Espresso (find that review here) around the same time and they are quite different coffees. You can find Spotted Cow at, too. Juggernaut means, “a huge, powerful and overwhelming force or institution,” but don’t be afraid, it’s not as in-your-face as it sounds! In fact, between the Spotted Cow and Perc, the Juggernaut was definitely the tamer of the two espresso blends.

Juggernaut is a seasonal blend, so it can change throughout the year, but the current version I’ve been enjoying is a blend of naturally processed Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees. In fact, it’s 60% Bob-o-Link from Brazil and 40% Ardi, both of which are available by themselves from Perc, too. They recommend doing a 1:2 pull (18.5g of coffee, 38g yield in 28 seconds) or a normale shot, which is all the rage. I found I liked it better, personally, with a bit less volume.

Anyway, I let the Juggernaut sit for about 10-12 days before I touched it, which is my usual routine for espresso. I think the reason I had trouble dialing in the Spotted Cow was because I tore right into it and it needed to mellow out. I loosened my grind just a smidgen (that’s an official unit of measurement on a stepless grinder!) and within a few shots I was in the zone.

This is a good shot by itself with some surprising flavors for a blend of naturals. There is a good amount of strawberry but balanced with some nuts and plenty of sweet chocolate. If you’re looking for a bright strawberry bomb, go with Spotted Cow’s Farmhouse Espresso, but for more balance, this Juggernaut has similar flavors, just in a bit more mellow form.

Perc Juggernaut Espresso

It pulls with a nice crema and even close to 1:2 has good body retention. I really loved this coffee with milk. I’m usually just a straight espresso drinker, but my wife had milk in the fridge, which is pretty rare in our house, and regular size cappuccino (6oz cup) was just phenomenal with Juggernaut. The sweetness of the milk and the strawberry from the Ardi gave it a nice strawberry milk vibe and it was sweet and balanced and delicious. I found myself gulping these little capps down a couple times a day and then I got in trouble for drinking the milk that was for a recipe! LOL

Another win in my book for Perc!