Presta Nicaragua Las Brumas

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Presta Nicaragua Las BrumasThis is the last of three sample bags Presta Coffee Roasters sent me. Presta is a relatively new roaster on the scene in Tucson, Arizona. While this coffee isn’t available to purchase at this moment in time, Presta are opening a coffeeshop as well as unveiling online purchasing options at the end of April, so keep your eyes peeled! I realized I haven’t mentioned what the name “Presta” means in the any of the reviews, yet. Like many coffee folk, Presta are tied into the bicycling world, too. There are two kinds of valves used to put air into the inner tubes of tired: Schrader (like your car tire valves) or Presta, which hold air better but require a different pump head. At least when I was a bike mechanic (1997-2000), Presta valves were a subtle sign of higher quality over bikes that had Schrader tubes in the tires, so maybe that’s the message Presta is going for in their coffee? Or it just sounds nice and looks pretty in a script logo? Who knows?! The coffee is good, though! presta_vs_schrader

Presta’s Las Brumas comes from, presumably, Finca Las Brumas in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua. This is a washed caturra varietal from plants growing at 1350-1560masl and Presta’s label indicates chocolate aroma, orange in the flavor and bright acidity. For me, this coffee was a good reminder of how important temperature can be in enjoying coffee. I tried like hell to get aroma and flavor out of this coffee immediately after I brewed it (15:1 ratio, Gino dripper) and I just couldn’t get anything from it other than a bit of a cereal note. It tasted like coffee, but come on, that’s not exciting!

As the cup cooled, though, it started to open up and I started picking up clear hints of the orange mentioned on the label. The acidity came up quickly as the cup cooled and this coffee just turned into an orange bomb for me! Lots of sweet orange flavor came through this coffee once it cooled down, carrying into the finish and aftertaste, too. The acidity hit me on the sides of my tongue like orange juice does and I just couldn’t get that visual out of my head once I had it. This coffee really reminded me of drinking a glass of OJ! I haven’t had it as cold brew yet, but I will try that and I’ll be curious if the fruit comes through still.

I don’t have much to say about this coffee, but that doesn’t make it bad in the least! It was a nice, clean, sweet and full-of-orange coffee! This was a good coffee to “calibrate” my palate for what a lot of orange tastes like in the context of coffee, so I really liked that. I’ve picked up on orange notes before, but not as clearly as I did in this cup. For me, coffees like this seem better as a late morning/early afternoon cup while I tend to prefer deeper, more bottom-heavy coffees first thing in the AM. The brightness and perkiness of the coffee helps carry the afternoon!

I enjoyed all three coffees I had from Presta and I wish them the best of luck as they move forward with their cafe and online sales!