Do you have coffee or a coffee-related product you’d like to submit to KCcoffeegeek for review on the website? All reviews are posted here as well as getting featured on Twitter and Instagram. Please use the contact form below and KCcoffeegeek¬†will be in touch with shipping and other information, thank you!

KCcoffeegeek can review espresso as well as pourover and AeroPress coffees and we’ll even take good decafs! Just fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with an email and shipping information!


Q: How much money does a review cost?
A: None. I know there are paid review sites and this isn’t one of them. It’s a labor of love and it’s a hobby for me. You don’t pay a penny to submit coffees for reviews.

Q: How many coffees should I plan on sending?
A: Three seems to be the sweet-spot. If you have one you want to share, that’s cool, too, but three gives you a nice amount of social media and KCCG exposure. A lot of roasters send coffees periodically when they have a few new things to share and that works great, too.

Q: Do you need full bags, or sample bags, or what?
A: Full bags as you would sell them retail is ideal for photography purposes. You are representing your brand in these reviews, so you want to put your best foot forward. I know sending out bags of coffee is expensive, though, too, so if you have sample bags you like, too, by all means send those. I generally like to get no less than 2 ounces or 100g or so of coffees for pourover. I do like full bags for espresso because I go through a fair amount of coffee dialing in.

Q: What kind of coffees should I send?
A: Totally up to you. I don’t have favorites and I’ll take anything from anywhere. I can handle espresso as well as pourovers and decaf. I will not take flavored coffees or K-Cups. Roast level, origin, etc is totally up to you. I do ask that the coffees you send are in stock and won’t sell out in the next month or so because I am tired of reviewing coffees that are no longer available before I even review them!

Q: What happens if you hate my coffee?
A: I’d probably get more followers and more attention if I did negative reviews, since that’s what people love, but that’s not my thing. I want to be a voice for positivity, not the “angry coffee jerk.” LOL If something is so bad that I don’t have nice things to say about it, then I’ll be in touch with you to discuss it and talk about correcting it and getting another sample sent out. I simply do not post “This coffee sucked” reviews because more often than not a simple mistake was made. And, to be perfectly transparent, in the 2.5 years or so I’ve been reviewing coffee on this site I have had maybe three, definitely not as many as five, coffees sent to me that I didn’t review. One was flavored and I didn’t know that until it was sent. The others were under-roasted to the point that they didn’t even make it to first crack and those were brand new roasting operations who were in a hurry and made a mistake and I don’t think it’s worth publicizing a one-time mistake by a new company that is just getting off the ground. That’s pretty remarkable considering the hundreds and hundreds of reviews I’ve posted! So, it’s not like I’m keeping all sorts of bad roasters out there in circulation. It’s super rare to receive something I don’t enjoy!

Q: I’m ready, how do I submit coffees to you?
A: Please just use the form above and drop me an email. I’m usually scheduled 1-2 months out. I do ask that once you are scheduled that you follow through and do everything in your power to ship the coffee you agreed to send when you agreed to send it. I understand things happen and that’s no problem (just please communicate it to me) if there’s a delay or something comes up and you decide not to ship at all, but 2017 has been especially plagued with roasters who schedule coffee shipments and then I never hear from them again after many attempts to get in touch and find out what happened. So bad that I would say almost 20% of the roasters who’ve contacted me this year have flaked out like this. This makes my planning really tough. Likewise if people end up shipping a week or two late. You can imagine that receiving 20 bags of coffee on the same day creates some difficulties for me! LOL I know for a lot of new roasters, this is a side-job for you just like KC Coffee Geek is a hobby for me, and so there is always something coming up. Just make sure you stay in touch if something comes up and we’ll work it out! I appreciate you roasters so much because without you, there’d be no KC Coffee Geek! You guys rock!


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