Quick Review: Gibraltar at Second Best (Dogwood Neon)

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IMG_3943Last weekend while I was at Second Best Coffee for the unveiling of their new roasting endeavor (read about that here), I started things off before the cupping with a Gibraltar. I’m a sucker for these little “mini cappuccinos” and this one did not disappoint!

A Gibraltar is essentially the same thing as a cortado, but named after the 4oz Gibraltar glass it is served in. Gibraltar/cortado are essentially a miniature cappuccino with about the same ratio of coffee to milk as that drink, and they look really great, too!

At the time of my order, Second Best was using Dogwood’s Neon espresso for their milk drinks, pulled on their Slayer espresso machine, of course. The pour, which you can see to the left, was excellent and the guys at Second Best take their coffee pretty seriously.

I was surprised on my first couple sips of how lively the espresso was, but the milk toned it down enough to make it enjoyable. The Neon espresso was right on the edge of being a little too acidic for this milk-based drink, but once my palate warmed up to it I liked the bright flavors.

Photo from holmbergdesign.com
Photo from holmbergdesign.com