Ramble Coffee Colombia Huila Excelso

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We’ve arrived at the last review for Worthington, Ohio (Columbus) roaster, Ramble Coffee, and their current Colombian selection. I enjoyed their PNG and decaf from Nicaragua (reviews linked below) and at $13/12oz bag this Colombian coffee could make for an affordable daily drinker. Let’s check it out!

Ramble Coffee

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Ramble Coffee’s mission is to create a sense of adventure and discovery in their local community. They acknowledge that not everyone can set out in their teardrop campers and hit the road to see what unfolds, which is the journey that led John and Sara to found Ramble Coffee, but that they can bring that same sense to people right there in their hometown. It’s a cool mission and I’m behind it 100%. Life is too short to be boring, static and routine, and even mixing things up with a new coffee now and then can be that spark of excitement someone needs in their life.

This coffee I’m closing out with is their Huila Excelso from Colombia. This coffee comes from the ASOPCAFA (Asociación de Productores, Transformadores y Exportadores de Café del Municipio de Aipe), a producer association with about 84 family-owned farms as members. These farms are located around the town of Aipe in the Huila department (like a state here in the US). These farms average about 1.5 hectares in area and these families rely on coffee production for their livelihood. This is a washed coffee, as you’d expect from Colombia, with varieties of Castillo, Caturra, Colombia and Typica all being grown by ASOPCAFA’s members. Altitude is 1600-2000 meters above sea level for these farms. This one is also USDA Organic certified!

Ramble Coffee gives us tasting notes of, “Candied walnut, chocolate, honey.” I used my standard pourover setup of a 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNeutral Gino dripper. My Handground grinder was set to 3 and I used Third Wave Water in my preparations of this coffee. This is a medium (maybe leaning on the heavier side of medium) bodied coffee with a lively presence on my palate. Like my favorite coffees from Colombia, this one is both sweet with lots of dynamic brightness. There is definitely a green apple-like acidity in the cup along with a healthy dose of lime notes in the cup, for me. On the other end of the spectrum there is a nice base of sugary sweetness to this coffee that the acidity keeps from being cloying, and there is a nutty tone to the lower notes in the cup, too. I wouldn’t go so far as to guess a particular nut, but walnut is not a bad descriptor from Ramble because there is also a slightly dry sensation on my tongue when drinking this coffee that I could associate with walnuts, if that makes sense.

This is a beautifully balanced example of why I like Cololmbian coffees, on the whole, so much. It’s clean, balanced, sweet, but also bright. There is a nice complexity to the cup but it remains very drinkable and inviting, too, and at $13 per bag, it’s a bit of a steal!