ReAnimator Coffee Roasters Colombia Timana

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ReAnimator Timana
Photo courtesy of ReAnimator

ReAnimator Coffee Roasters are a roaster and cafe that started in Philadelphia just a few years ago but has made big waves in the US coffee scene since then. Check out this review to see some of the background story and links to some nice photo essays and articles about ReAnimator. Today we’re looking at ReAnimator’s Colombia Timana, which is available directly from these goods folks in Philly for $17/12oz bag.

I smile every morning when I get to use my ReAnimator cup or see that super-cool logo on one of their bags! That Medieval-style drawing is so damn cool, clean, clear in its statement, and graphic without being the modern-minimalist thing everyone is doing currently. I love it!

This is ReAnimator’s last Colombia offering for the season, so you’d better jump on it! This coffee is from Colombia’s Huila district and it’s a washed selection of Caturra variety coffee beans. Think of coffee varietals like varieties of apples… Granny Smith’s, Fuji’s, Red Delicious and Honeycrisp are all apples, yet they taste really different, don’t they? Coffee works the same way. The altitude in the Huila region is high, so most coffee farms there are in the 1730-1830masl range.

ReAnimator offer us a description of, “incredibly clean, with lots of sugar and toffee up front, which is balanced by a gentle and refreshing grape and stone fruit acidity” and tasting notes of, “brown sugar, fig, white grape, pear” for this Timana.

I really liked this coffee as a pourover using my notNeutral Gino. I used my usual 1:16 ratio (28g coffee, 450g water, 3:45 brew time) and it produced a tasty cup. I wasn’t getting a ton of aroma from this coffee, so let’s jump straight to the tasting notes. This is a nicely balanced example of a Colombian coffee. It strikes a very drinkable middle ground between sweetness and brightness without venturing into cloying or tart territory on either end. It has a medium to medium-heavy body for me, but a relatively short aftertaste, too. The finish is pretty neutral but the aftertaste is quite dry and I picked up that pear note mentioned on the bag quite noticeably in the finish and aftertaste. There is a peachy tone to the sweetness in this cup with some grape-like acidity and maybe a hint of citrus in the mix, too. I was getting a bit of apple from this coffee, too.

All in all this is a simple, but really delicious, coffee. I have had one Colombian coffee in about the last year and a half that I wasn’t a huge fan of, so add this Timana from ReAnimator to a long list of mesoamerican coffees that I am just in love with! The entire specialty coffee industry has just been over the moon with Colombia as of late and this is a great example of why… balance, clean flavors, nice body, a pleasant aftertaste, complexity without compromising drinkability. It’s hard not to fawn over coffees like ReAnimator’s Timana! Get it while it lasts!