Roaster Profile: Nordskogen Coffee

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Nordskogen Coffee

Nordskogen means “north woods” in Norwegian, a fitting moniker for a coffee roasting company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota! Matt started Nordskogen Coffee out on a small Hottop home roaster about a year and a half ago and quickly outgrew it. He has since upgraded to a small commercial roaster from a Chinese manufacturer called North. As luck would have it, Minneapolis’s own Mill City Roasters are a distributor for North’s roasters and that made it a natural fit for Nordskogen Coffee’s increased capacity needs. Plus, you know, there’s “North” in the name and all that. 🙂

Nordskogen Coffee is currently a roasting company with no retail space, but as you know if you follow coffee roasters that’s not always how things stay! Nordskogen Coffee stays true to its Nordic roots by specializing in light roasts and valuing sweetness, complexity and clarity above all else. Not to take themselves too seriously, Matt adopted another familiar northern character as Nordskogen’s mascot, the yeti, along with the hashtag, “fueltheyeti” to lead the company’s social media presence. Nordskogen has a cool black and white aesthetic on their Instagram feed and overall I like the clean vibe of the branding and bag details, too.

Nordskogen Coffee sent me three coffees to check out: Kenya Gatomboya, Ethiopia Yukro and Colombia Los Santos. I’ve been drinking the Colombia for a couple days now, so you’ll see the first review drop tomorrow, July 7, and stay tuned for that. If you like bright, sweet, lemony coffees, this one is right up your ally!

Nordskogen bag detail

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  1. Greg

    I’m so glad you wrote up this profile. I had no idea these guys existed even though they are located super close to us! I love that they offer 8 oz bags and free delivery in MSP – They’re now on my list. Thanks Steve!

    • KCcoffeegeek

      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback and stay in touch with how you end up liking Nordskogen’s coffee!