The AeroPress Praised by Shawn Blanc

Kansas City-based blogger extraordinaire, Shawn Blanc, posted a nice article on the AeroPress yesterday and I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I wanted to share a link to his article for you on this fine New Year’s Eve! Shawn said,

What really makes the AeroPress such a great coffee maker is just how versatile it is. There are a lot of ways you can use it.

I’ll add that I think the AeroPress is about as portable and convenient a coffee brewing system can be, so it travels GREAT (especially if you add Able’s excellent Travel Cap and take advantage of the hollow space in the plunger!).

The AeroPress also tends to accentuate acidic (a good thing, I’m telling you!!! I go into a little detail in this article on Metric’s Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara but I’ll post something proper about why acid in coffee is good) flavors in coffee, in my opinion, so it’s a great method for your Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees, and the sweetness and fruitiness it brings out in natural process coffees is great, too.

I honestly thought the AeroPress would be a gimmicky thing I would rarely use, but I reach for mine all the time.

On a side note, Shawn mentions in his article that you don’t see AeroPress being used in cafés too often and I agree when discussing the KC coffee scene, but I saw AeroPress on the menu all over the place in Portland, OR a few months ago.