The Saturday List 11/1/14

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Welcome to our first Saturday List. Enjoy, and make sure you Twitter me (@kccoffeegeek) or email if you have suggestions for future lists…

  • Kaldi’s seasonal latte flavor appears to brown sugar and rosemary. They make the syrup in-house. I know where I’ll be headed this weekend!
  • Howard’s Cafe and Rooftop Garden – a Kickstarter to bring this local KC business into the Crossroads Arts District. I’m not sure if cafe here means “cute place that serves food” or if they will have coffee, and who it will be provided by, but a grocer in that part of KC would be nice.
  • Bootcamp Coffee has online courses for coffee professionals as well as unprofessional geeks like me! I haven’t done one of their courses, yet, but if you have post a comment about what you thought!
  • A Cuppa Day – I don’t know what it is about this Tumblr page, but I love it! It’s the brainchild of coffee celebrity, Mike White. Every time he drinks an espresso, he posts a shot of the empty cup from straight above. It’s quite glorious, for 184 pages! Seriously, check it out.