The Saturday List: A New Website Feature

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One of my favorite features of my favorite blogs are when they posts lists of interesting things they’ve found recently. I find these lists to be a really fast, easy and convenient way to find new content and interesting things to look at and read. It finally struck me today, “Hey, dummy, why aren’t YOU making the kind of lists YOU like so much?” (my internal dialogue is a bit of a jerk if you haven’t noticed yet).

But, he had a point! So, starting this coming Saturday (November 1, 2014), I’m going to start a new KC Coffee Geek tradition called [drumroll, please] The Saturday List. Pretty lame name, but it describes what it is: a list that comes out on Saturday.

I can’t be 100% sure it’ll show up every Saturday, but I’ll do my best! What I need from you, dear reader, are suggestions, so if you find something cool, email me (or, even easier, hit me up on Twitter @kccoffeegeek) and let me know and I may add it to the list.

I made a new category called “The Saturday List,” too, so that if you ever find yourself bored and saying, “Man, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Steve’s Saturday Lists, but I hate to scroll through page after page of posts looking for them…” then all you need to do is go to the Saturday List category in the sidebar and you’ll magically have them all appear before you.

Saturday Lists will post on 8AM on Saturday mornings. Enjoy!