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This morning we’re back with Theodore’s Coffee and checking out a Costa Rican selection, El Higueron. I’m finding that Theodore’s coffee roasting hits a “medium” level that really brings out a lot of sweetness in their coffees and I am loving all the samples they sent me! I don’t get to drink a ton of coffee from Costa Rica, so I’m looking forward to this one in particular! **Just heard from Theodore’s… if you create an account and sign in, shipping is free!

Theodore’s Coffee Roasters

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Please reference the Esquipulas review to hear more about Theodore’s Coffee Roaster’s back story that took owner Darwin Pavon from poverty in Honduras to starting a roasting company in Owosso, Michigan! I actually couldn’t find a listing for this coffee on Theodore’s website, so they may be sold out or it may just be out of rotation for now. I will update things as soon as I find out! Becuase of this, I also can’t find much on the coffee itself. I found reference to El Higueron as a “community coffee,” part of a project by Coopetarrazu in Costa Rica. Coopetarrazu is a mill that separates out microlots from communities that bring their coffee there to be processed. So, this coffee is probably the product of several farms in the El Higueron area combined into a microlot. Growth altitude is 1640-1700masl according to Cafe Imports’ site about this project. 1

In any case, I used my standard 1:16 ratio of 28g of coffee to 450g of water in a notNeutral pourover. Handground grinder was set to 3.5 and I used Third Wave Water in my preparation of my samples. I ended up with a sweet, roasty cup that was a joy to drink! Theodore’s “style” of roasting brought out a good amount of roasty, darker caramel notes in this coffee, which I quite like. It’s miles from a “dark roast” but there is a pleasant amount of caramelization and development in the sugars in this coffee, for sure. On the higher end of the flavor notes I picked up a lot of apple juice character, signifying some “malic” acidity, which is the type of acid you’ll find in apples. It’s crisp and provides some brightness, but for me also comes with a nice amount of sweetness. I would lean more toward sweet red apples for the character of this coffee’s acidity rather than a more tart green variety. I also found some nuttiness and cocoa notes in this coffee and the finish and aftertaste are nutty, chocolatey and roasty.

I like this coffee a lot because it gives me some of what I like in darker roasts while still retaining a ton of origin character and not actually being a darker roast, if that makes any sense at all! This is a really easy drinker and would go great with breakfast or as a dessert coffee, in my opinion. Another winner from Theodore’s!