Third Wave Wichteln – Eye Candy for Coffee Geeks!

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I was reading Sprudge the other day and came across an article showing some photos of their favorite coffee bags from around the world from a website called Third Wave Wichteln. Being the curious sort, I then checked THAT site out and I now know what I’ll be doing around Christmas 2015! Their blog is major eye candy for anyone who is a fan of coffee packaging, like me, so check it out! The photos are great and it’s fun to see coffee bags from all over the world.

Third Wave Wichteln is basically a Secret Santa exchange for coffee lovers (in fact, Wichteln is the German word for Secret Santa!). I will definitely be participating next year, myself. It started in 2013 with a little over 360 participants and in 2014 there were 1500! I can only imagine 2015’s will take another exponential leap! The concept is simple. You register on the site and then as Christmas approaches you receive a name that you send, minimally, a 250g bag of coffee to. Some people on the blog received more than that, and the really cool thing is how many people received coffee from international sources. I was really jealous of the people who received coffee from Hungary, as my dad is Hungarian and I would love to try that one! And, OH, the packaging!