Tinker Colombia Los Naranjos

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I have been enjoying the heck out of Colombian coffee this year so I was happy to recently open a package from Indiana’s Tinker Coffee Co. and find their Colombia Los Naranjos inside! You can buy this coffee directly from Tinker for $5 for a 4oz. sample bag like mine, $14 for a 12oz bag or go for it and spend $93 on a 5lb bag!

Tinker offers the following information about this coffee:

  • Region: Huila
  • Producer: Los Naranjos de San Agustin
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: Caturra & Colombia
  • Elevation: 1600-1900masl
  • Tasting notes: cranberry, apple & grapefruit

Los Naranjos de San Agustin is an association of some 50 growers who collectively farm about 150 hectares of coffee in the mountains adjacent to a large nature reserve. Cafe Imports has a nice writeup about the association and the area these farms are found in. Here is a gorgeous video of Los Naranjos for you to look at and listen to:

So, how about this coffee? It’s another example of a bright Colombian coffee, yet not quite as “fruity” as some of the ones I’ve been enjoying lately. This is definitely a coffee that needs to be enjoyed for its top notes and acidity and you shouldn’t expect a many bass notes in this one, although there is enough sweetness to lend some balance to the cup.

I found a lot of apple in the acidity that became slightly tart in the second half of each sip. The body was on the light side of medium with a dry, not-quite-astringent finish and light aftertaste. This is a nice, crisp coffee with clean, refreshing acidity that is isn’t harsh or biting. Tinker did a great job with this coffee and it holds up at room temperature just as nicely as when it’s freshly brewed!