Triangulation Coffee Cupping

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I’ll have more to say about this experience next week after it’s done, but I’m attending my first official (i.e. not it my kitchen) coffee cupping next week at Workbench Coffee Labs in Kansas City. This is a triangulation test, so there will be a bunch of coffees in groups of three set out on the table. They are setup so that two coffees are the same and one is different and the goal is to see if you can taste the coffee that doesn’t belong.

I could see how the difficulty of triangulation could vary wildly from totally easy to incredibly difficult. For example, if you have a triad with a Brazilian washed coffee and an Ethiopian natural, the natural will probably jump out big time. On the other hand, if you have a triad with two different lots of coffee from the same farm in Colombia, that may be pretty damn hard to figure out!

I’ll try to take some photos and I’ll definitely write about the experience and share my score card! For $10 it’s hard to have more fun with coffee than this! 🙂