What I’m Drinking Right Now – 9/10/14

DeathstarbucksI’m actually having a little bit of “coffee two ways” this morning. I saw my lonely, neglected little Moka pot sitting by the sink and decided to whip up a little “cafecito” or Cuban coffee while I was waiting for my water to boil for the Chemex. 

I used the same coffee for both, some Guatemala Alotenango Finca Candelaria from Sweet Maria’s. I was playing around with how I roast coffee over the weekend so I had some that I roasted into second crack (used on the cafecito) and some that was a medium roast level, pulled way before second crack, that I used in the Chemex. 

Of course, the two cups couldn’t be more different if you tried, but they are both good in their own way. With the sugar added, the cafecito is sweet and almost candy-like while the Chemex is brighter, more acidic and unsweetened. I like them both!