What I’m Drinking Right Now – 9/2/14

DeathstarbucksWhat I’m drinking right now: 

Brazil Dry-Process Conquista Farm

Home-roasted in the trusty Poppery II about a week ago. I was messing around with my process and my beans rolled right through first crack and into second crack and beyond. I usually cut the roast as close to first crack as I can with an air popper, which would be a “City” to “Full City” roast profile, but this was probably French Roast. The beans were black and oily and look great, but most of the flavor is the roast and not the bean. Aroma is… well… coffee! LOL Maybe some caramelized sugar in there, too. Good mouthfeel, roasty. Even taking these beans into almost-carbonized territory is no problem, tastes pretty good, although I am a fan of pre-second crack roasts. 

Beans sourced by the always-awesome Sweet Maria’s, who do not (but should!) pay me for the mention. 🙂