What I’m Drinking Right Now – Messenger Coffee Co. Ethiopia Adado Natural

Made a stop at Blackdog Coffeehouse in Lenexa, KS for the first time today and had a pourover (Hario V60) of Messenger Coffee Co’s Adado, a natural process Ethiopian coffee, and it was awesome! If you have finding yourself wondering what people mean when they say they can taste a lot of blueberry in some Ethiopian coffees, then this is what they mean. It’s VERY apparent in the aroma and throughout the flavor and even into the finish with each sip. This was my first experience with Blackdog as well as Messenger (more on both in the near future) and I must say I am a fan!

This coffee will definitely calibrate your palate for that classic blueberry flavor so many seek in the Ethiopian coffees, so make an effort to hit Blackdog and wait for a cup of this as a pourover before it’s all gone! Make sure you have a few sips before you add anything to it, too, or else you’ll probably miss all the blueberry tones.