What I’m Drinking Right Now – Revocup Yirgacheffe

Made a quick first stop to Revocup in Overland Park, KS today. The shop is owned by an Ethiopian couple and they roast their own beans in Diedrich right in the shop. They have about 10 bagged coffees on hand to buy as well as a few drip-brewed selections. I wanted the Harrar but the press pot was empty, so it was Yirga Cheffe for me.

It was good. Earthy and pungent with a perfumy, floral finish and aftertaste I couldn’t quite place. I was finally able to put my finger on it… Earl Grey tea. I’ve had other Ethiopian coffees with hints of Earl Grey teaness and I was surprised how complex this cup was for a dollar cup of drip coffee out of a press pot! Well done!