What’s on the KCcoffeegeek Horizon

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Dear readers, I’ve been collecting the stuff of content generation like it’s going out of style! I try not to post more than once a day, so I actually have quite a backlog. Getting closer to the holidays I’m going to be doing more product review posts, so if you’ve got a product you’d like to put in front of other readers, make sure you contact me! Some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Organic Mexico Chiapas from the Red Headed Philosopher in Waldo
  • I have some Kenyan coffee on the way from my friends at Denver’s Huckleberry Roasters
  • I’m trying to put together the ultimate travel coffee kit
  • I have a Klean Kanteen 12oz thermal travel mug/thermos on the way. I have avoided KK my whole outdoor adventure life because I am afraid of addiction (especially since there are so many custom-branded ones from coffee shops and roasters out there to collect! ACK!) but it was time
  • I have an Aeropress on the way, also after avoiding this for many years. My Clever is dead to me, so I need something convenient for work and travel and I think this will be it, unless it sucks!
  • I have a couple Able Brewing accessories to test out on the Aeropress, including their metal DISK filter replacement and the Travel Lid that allows you to make use of the hollow chamber in the Aeropress pump (Able offers a nice discount to reviewers but I purchased these items full price through Amazon)
  • I’ve just found out about a brand new roasting operation in KC I need to meet, and I still need to do a full interview with Renaissance man, Vince Rodriguez of Maps Coffee/Velo+ and see how that new Loring is doing

And lots, lots more.